Reconsidering 24-Hour Final Teeth: More Cons Than Pros

Dental implants are an excellent choice for anyone missing teeth, offering a permanent solution to get your smile back. The procedures can vary, though, so understanding these differences is key to choosing the right approach for you. 

If you’re asking, “Can dental implants be done in one day?” the answer is yes. With permanent 24-hour teeth, you can have your final teeth installed on the same day as your implant placement. But just because it’s possible doesn’t always mean it’s advisable.

There’s also all-on-4 dental treatment available in Poway and beyond, which follows a two-stage approach: Initially, the implants are placed, and TEMPORARY FIXED TEETH are attached to them, which marks the first stage. After giving your mouth time to heal properly, the second stage involves placing a PERMANENT FIXED BRIDGE over the implants to finalize the procedure.

What are the disadvantages of immediate 24 hour teeth?

What are the disadvantages of immediate 24 hour teethDoes getting final permanent dental implant teeth in just 24 hours sound too good to be true? Usually, if something sounds that perfect, there’s a catch. While the idea of immediate results is appealing, the dangers of one-day dental implants are many and usually lead to long-term complications.

Here are four main reasons why they might not be the best choice, and why each concern deserves careful consideration:

Gum tissue healing

It usually takes about three to four months for gum tissues to heal and reshape. Installing the FINAL teeth bridge just 24 hours after the procedure means it’s tailored to the gums’ condition at that precise moment. However, as the gums heal, they often shrink or recede from the underside of the bridge, creating significant gaps. These gaps can cause saliva to leak during speech, make pronunciation difficult, and trap food particles—all issues that proper healing time can prevent.

Bite changes

Determining the ideal bite can be especially difficult for those who have been missing multiple teeth for a long time. Introducing new teeth changes your bite, which often requires a period of adjustment. While a new bite might initially seem comfortable, adjustments are typically needed. Installing final teeth within 24 hours may result in a bite that works but is uncomfortable, due to potential issues with muscle and TMJ function. This is why a trial period with temporary teeth is valuable—it allows for necessary tweaks to ensure the fit is just right.

Raw and painful gums

Imagine the discomfort of having firm teeth placed on swollen, sensitive gums. This uncomfortable scenario is often the reality for patients who opt for 24-hour teeth. In contrast, All-on-4© dental implants allow for a much smoother initial recovery. While you’ll need to eat soft foods, the temporary dentures make this phase more manageable and comfortable.


If you opt for permanent 24-hour dental teeth, you would need to cover the cost of both the surgery and the final teeth essentially at the same time. That’s a significant financial commitment, particularly during these challenging times of high interest rates, inflation, and general economic uncertainty. Opting to perform the procedure in stages—first the surgery and temporary teeth, followed by the final teeth a few months later—allows you to distribute the costs over time, making it much easier to manage your financial obligations.

Who offers expert all-in-4 dental implants in Poway? expert all-in-4 dental implants in Poway

What do you value more, quick results or top quality? At Temecula Facial Oral Surgery, we focus on doing things right. Leveraging advanced technology, you can count on us to provide you with high-quality temporary teeth that you can comfortably eat with. No matter if you’re near Poway or elsewhere in San Diego, we’re here to understand your needs and help you find the ideal option. 

Dr. Tsvetov is here to help you understand all the details, from all-on-4 vs 3-on-6 differences to any other concerns you might have. His expertise makes it easy to choose the right option for you, whether you’re curious about snap-in dentures, or unsure about the mini implants procedure. Reach out to us to ensure you make an informed and confident decision about your dental health.