Frequently Asked Questions

Oral Surgeon Dmitry Y. Tsvetov, DDS, MD, Temecula CA

If you have any questions, please give our office a call Temecula Office Phone Number 951-302-9100. We are here to help.

Am I a candidate for a dental implant?

If you have one or more non-salvageable or missing teeth you might be a candidate. Please give our office a call to schedule FREE Dental Implant consultation

Do I have enough bone for an implant placement?

During the consultation, we will take a CT scan to make sure there is enough bone for implant placement.

What are my options if I do not have enough bone for an implant placement?

If a person does not have enough bone for implant placement, bone regeneration or sinus lift might be needed.

How much do dental implants cost?

When it comes to implants, the old saying still holds true: ” You get what you pay for.  But you don’t get what you don’t pay for.” In this video Dmitry Y. Tsvetov, DDS, MD speaks about the cost of dental implants:

I have no teeth, what are my options?

The good news is that there are quite a few options for our patients to choose from:
Denture – removable prosthesis.
Denture over implants/ overdenture – This is a removable implant-supported prosthesis. Overdenture offers a more stable solution compared to a traditional denture.
Fixed, non-removable denture. This prosthesis is fixed on implants, it feels and looks like natural teeth and is a permanent non-removable solution. It is also known as All-on-4® Treatment Concept. You can find out more information in our video here:

What is a better option dental implant or a dental bridge?

Dental bridge damages two adjacent teeth that hold a bridge and it does not prevent bone loss, once a tooth is extracted. Nowadays, a dental implant is the best option to replace a missing tooth. It feels and acts like a natural tooth, prevents bone loss, and is not damaging adjacent teeth. It is a lifelong solution, as long as it is properly taken care of. Long term, a dental implant is less expensive compared to a dental bridge, which needs to be replaced every 10 years on average. You can read more on our web page: Dental Implants vs Dental Bridge

What is ‘tooth in a day’?

Sometimes we are able to do an extraction and place an implant at the time of extraction. This procedure is called ‘tooth in a day’. Often however, patient will need to wait three/four months after extraction to let the area heal, prior dental implant can be placed.

Why do I need to remove my wisdom teeth?

There are several reasons why it is recommended to remove wisdom teeth. Most people do not really need wisdom teeth to chew. When they are erupted (above the gum), it is very difficult to clean them properly which leads to wisdom teeth and adjacent teeth decaying. Secondly, they might push other teeth and create crowding/shift other teeth. Learn more in the following video:

What is considered a dental emergency?

In certain situations, you may have to seek immediate attention for a dental emergency in Temecula or across Riverside County. However, you may be wondering what qualifies as a dental emergency. In general, the following symptoms are some of the signs that you need immediate dental care:

  • Pain and swelling due to bacterial infection or abscess
  • Extreme dental pain due to any kind of inflammation
  • Wisdom teeth-related dental issues
  • Severe dental injury or trauma
  • Teeth-restoration problems

Here at Temecula Facial Oral Surgery, Dr. Tsvetov can handle any dental emergency and provide you with adequate care and assistance. Feel free to contact us and we’ll schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

What to do in a dental emergency?

If you experience a severe dental emergency, you should follow these steps:

  • If your tooth falls out, try placing it back in the socket and keep it moist at all times.
  • If your tooth cracks, you should clean the area by rinsing your mouth with warm water. If the area swells, apply a cold compress.
  • If you’re experiencing severe pain, check if something got stuck between the teeth and try to remove it gently with floss. Rinsing with mild water will help clean the area.

After mildly rinsing the area and applying these steps, make sure to contact us as soon as possible. Dr. Tsvetov will perform an examination and take adequate steps to deal with your dental emergency in Temecula or the surrounding areas.

Do you take medical insurances?

We are not contracted with Medical Insurances, but can bill them as an out of network provider if there is coverage for Oral Surgery

Do you take Dentical, Medical, IEHP?

Our office does not accept these plans

What financing options do I have?

When more extensive dental care is necessary, we are pleased to offer non-interest payment plans up to 24 months as well as extended financial options with APR. As a service to our patients, we are partnering with Lending Club Patient Solution and Care Credit. We will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding financing. Please call our office at Temecula Office Phone Number Temecula Office Phone Number 951-302-9100 .

What ages do you treat?

We treat patients of all ages.