Why Choose All-on-4 Over Snap-In Dentures

When properly cared for, your teeth should last a lifetime. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Some people lose teeth due to genetic factors, while others experience it because of poor oral hygiene or lifestyle habits. 

If you’re dealing with the teeth loss or are unhappy with traditional dentures, you might be considering All-on-4 or snap-in dentures. Choosing between these two options is important because it impacts not only your budget but also your everyday quality of life. Keep reading as we explore the details of each option to help Poway residents find the one that brings them long-term satisfaction.

Are all-on-4 better than snap-in denturesAre all-on-4 better than snap-in dentures?

Are you craving stability, comfort, and the chance to enjoy your favorite foods right away? All-on-4 dentures provide exactly that. Here’s how:

Immediate functionality

Patients receive fixed teeth immediately after an All on 4 procedure.  Compare this to the snap in denture approach, where  a patient has to wait 3-6 months for the new implants to heal before getting removable teeth attached to them. This immediate transition with All on 4 makes for a smoother, more comfortable experience from day one.

Significantly higher chewing efficiency

All-on-4® option boasts an impressive 95% chewing efficiency compared to natural teeth, enabling you to enjoy a diet that’s very close to normal. With this high level of functionality, you can comfortably eat a wide variety of foods. Snap in overdenture only gives you 25-30% of the chewing efficiency, giving you much less value for your money.  And did we mention that snap in denture and fixed All on 4 teeth cost virtually the same?  So why would you settle for less than you deserve and need?

Bone preservation

The use of multiple implants not only supports the fixed bridge but also plays a vital role in safeguarding and sustaining the structural integrity of the jawbone, which is crucial for overall oral health.

Low maintenance

Fixed All-on-4® dental bridges require minimal upkeep, as they are only removed for professional cleaning twice a year. This significantly reduces your daily maintenance routine, freeing you from the frequent care that other removable dental solutions demand. You will also not have to deal with the mouth sores which are inevitable with any removable denture solution which snap in dentures are infamous for.


Also, one of the common problems with snap-in dentures is that there are no parts that wear out, which eliminates the need for frequent replacements. For this reason, this added durability offers both convenience and long-term savings.

Aesthetics and comfort

All-on-4 implants get rid of the hassle and discomfort of removable dentures. You don’t have to take them out every night or use special cleaning solutions. Snap-in dentures, on the other hand, are convenient because they can be removed, but they need more upkeep.

When it comes to appearance, both options can look quite natural. However, All-on-4 dentures usually offer a more seamless and natural look because they’re fixed in place and don’t move around.

Inclusive cost for teeth removal

Snap-in dentures cost might seem budget-friendly at first, but you’ll end up paying for all the extra services needed. On the other hand, the cost of teeth removal is already included in the overall price of All-on-4 implants, offering better value and reducing the chance of unexpected expenses. This all-inclusive pricing makes it easier to budget for your dental care without worrying about additional costs cropping up later.

Overall cost

The total cost for fixed All-on-4® dental bridges, covering everything from teeth extractions to the installation of 4-6 implants, attachments, and the fixed bridge itself, typically amounts to around $9,500. This is actually very close to the price that most people end up paying for the removable snap in denture by the time you factor in the cost of teeth extractions, shaping of the bone, implant placement and the denture.  So if you can get the fixed teeth that are the closest thing to natural teeth for the same price as the snap in denture, why wouldn’t you?

all on 4 dentures powayWho can I rely on for the high-quality All-on-4 dentures in Poway and the area?

Want to feel more comfortable and confident when smiling, speaking, and eating? Dr. Tsvetov is here to help! He offers caring and compassionate treatment to patients from Poway and beyond. Whether you’re unsure about options like 3-on-6, want to learn more about 24-hour teeth, or are considering mini implants, you can trust him to provide clear, detailed explanations for each option. 

Once he determines the problem, trust him to propose the best treatment, manage any potential complications, and guide you through the healing process. Don’t handle this alone—contact us to ensure you make a smart and confident choice for your dental health.