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Nerve Damage After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

December 28, 2023

Wisdom tooth extraction is a routine dental procedure performed to alleviate pain, prevent complications, and improve overall health. While the majority of patients experience a smooth recovery, some individuals may encounter an unexpected complication, nerve damage. The proximity of third molars to crucial nerves in the jaw increases the risk of injury during extraction, leading […] ...

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7 Common Fears About Emergency Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The prospect of an emergency tooth extraction in Escondido often triggers a range of fears and anxieties, turning what is already a challenging situation into a source of heightened concern. Wisdom tooth removal is a routine dental procedure, but the urgency can amplify apprehensions. Understanding and addressing these common fears is crucial to easing the […] ...

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A Guide To Tooth Extraction Healing Stages

March 8, 2023

Preparing for an emergency dental extraction in Escondido? Perhaps you’re experiencing problems caused by your wisdom teeth, or maybe you have a damaged tooth due to a traumatic event, or you’re suffering from gum disease. No matter the reason, tooth extraction is a common dental procedure that many people undergo at some point in their […] ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Dental Anesthesia

Dental procedures can be daunting for many Escondido residents, especially if they involve drilling, filling, or other invasive treatments like impacted wisdom tooth extraction. Fortunately, dental anesthesia can help alleviate pain and discomfort during these procedures.  There are several types of anesthetics available, each with its unique features and benefits. In the following blog, we’ll […] ...

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What You Need To Know About Bone Grafts For Dental Implants

February 1, 2023

Dental implants are replacement teeth roots that are surgically inserted into the jawbone. To function properly, they require a healthy bone structure. It is possible, however, if the tooth has been missing for some time and the surgical site is already weak, there may not be enough bone to support your implant. In this case, […] ...

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Dental Implants After Tooth Extraction: When & Why Do I Need Them?

Though many Escondido patients may not be aware of it, roots serve a much broader purpose than merely anchoring teeth. Therefore, if you’re going to have your teeth removed for any reason, dental implants are a great option to consider. This is not only one of the most durable and advanced tooth replacement options in […] ...

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Dental Bridges: Different Types and Their Benefits

December 22, 2022

As we age, our adult teeth tend to wear down, ultimately resulting in tooth loss. And while missing teeth can be bearable in some cases, this can lead to other issues, like abnormal tooth wear, chewing problems, and even teeth shifting which can further result in jaw pain and tension. Beware that missing teeth can […] ...

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How Do You Properly Care for Your Implants?

Do you plan on getting dental implants soon? If you do, it’s worth getting excited about, since dental implants can give you more confidence about yourself. However, once you get them, you should keep one thing in mind: maintaining your dental implants properly is vital to both your health and their longevity.  When you choose […] ...

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Glossary of Important Dental Terms, Part 2

November 21, 2022

A well-informed patient is a healthier patient, and for a reason. However, there are times when dentists forget that what they say can be overwhelming for their patients. But don’t fret, it’s only a professional, shortened way of explaining your oral health. Feel free to ask questions if you have difficulty understanding their terminology.  Thanks […] ...

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Glossary of Important Dental Terms, Part 1

When providing dental care for their patients, dentists and their staff often use so much dental jargon that it sounds like they’re speaking a foreign language. The terminology and abbreviations they use may be familiar to some, however, many still find them confusing. Whether you’re awaiting an emergency dental extraction or suffering from another dental […] ...

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