Deciding Between Temporary Teeth & Immediate 24 Hour Teeth

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Curious about getting new teeth in just 24 hours but wondering if it’s the right move for you? Here at our clinic, we offer various solutions for those looking to replace missing or damaged teeth, all of which are safe. By checking out the video below, you’ll get a clear idea of whether you’re a good fit for the All-on-4© or all-on-6 dental implants and decide if permanent teeth in 24 hours or temporary teeth are the right choice for you.

Our team is on hand to clear up any confusion you might have about temporary replacement teeth and permanent dentures. We understand you probably have a few concerns about how everything works, and we’re here to ease your mind.

What is the difference between immediate and temporary dentures?

What are temporary fixed teeth?

Using 3-D printing technology and a unique resin, we craft temporary solutions that are then cured and glazed to achieve the ideal shade and aesthetic appeal. It’s a quick and efficient process, usually taking about 2 hours to complete.

What are permanent teeth?

They’re made from either durable acrylic or zirconia, strengthened further with a titanium bar. Their manufacturing process requires milling the materials with advanced equipment, followed by steps such as curing, glazing, and final detailing, extending the production time to around 24 hours.

The protocol difference

Expert clinics start off by fitting a temporary bridge, and then, after giving the implants 3-6 months to heal properly, they proceed to the final bridge. On the other hand, there are places where you can walk out with permanent teeth in just 24 hours. If you’re curious about why there’s such a difference in approaches and whether one has more benefits than the other, we’re here to clear things up for you.


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Choosing between all-on-6 temporary prosthesis and permanent teeth-in-a-day

Every expert agrees that the real winners of the “immediate final teeth” approach are often the doctors, not the patients. Here’s why: they collect more money upfront and get to see fewer follow up visits from the patient. Meanwhile, patients could find themselves struggling with teeth that don’t fit or function properly, leaving them uncertain about who will fix these issues and when.

Benefits of temporary teeth replacement 

Starting with temporary teeth and then transitioning to permanent dentures 3-6 months later offers plenty of  benefits:

#1: The patient gets the teeth on the day of surgery, as opposed to 24 hours later.

#2: Any imperfections in bite, esthetics of the teeth or esthetics of the smile can be accounted for and addressed prior to final teeth being made.

#3: After 3-6 months, once your gum tissues have settled down, we can fit you with a comfortable bridge that matches your healed gums perfectly.

#4: If there are any issues with the implants themselves (non-healing or failure to integrate to the bone), that implant can be removed and replaced prior to the final bridge being made.

#5: Perhaps the most significant benefit for patients is the financial aspect—opting for temporary and then affordable dental implants allows for a less burdensome financial commitment, as it follows a “pay as you go” model.

Considering 24 hour teeth implants

However, the permanent 24-hour teeth replacement is the complete opposite.

#1: This is not “teeth in a day” but rather teeth in 2 days, as a patient has to come back to the office to get teeth placed.

#2: While you can make an educated guess about how things might settle once the swelling reduces, it’s impossible to predict with absolute certainty how everything will look a month down the line.  

#3: As tissues heal, they will pull away from the prosthesis creating a gap between the bridge and gingiva which can lead to lisping sounds and saliva escaping from under the bridge. 

#4: What if one or a few of the implants fail?

#5: Lastly, the financial aspect. If you get the immediate final teeth, then your treatment is “effectively completed” and you will be expected to pay full price immediately after the surgery.

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You’re aiming for that natural look and need temporary teeth you can eat with as you await a more permanent fix? Why not book a complimentary second opinion consultation with Dr. Tsvetov and find out about the best dental option for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated All-on-4© temporary prosthesis in Riverside County, or thinking about getting an All-on-4© temporary denture in Temecula Valley, we’re the one to call! Give us a call today!