Why Choose Temporary Teeth Over Permanent Teeth in 24 Hours

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Take a look through our gallery below to see why All-on-4© dental implants are an effective treatment. We’ll fit you with an attractive set of temporary teeth for a completely comfortable experience.

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Rely on Dr. Tsvetov for cutting-edge oral surgery

If you’re torn between choosing All-on-4© temporary vs permanent teeth or debating whether to get new teeth in just 24 hours, Dr. Tsvetov is here to walk you through what you’re truly investing in and help you make an informed decision.

With the latest developments in 24-hour teeth implants, it’s now easier than ever to provide patients a full-mouth restoration just a day after the procedure. We understand that you might have questions and concerns about such a quick process, and we’re here to address them.

Why opt for All on 4© instead for 24 hour teeth?

The real appeal of immediate teeth is their quick turnaround—giving patients a full set of zirconia teeth in just one day. This is a big leap from the traditional All-on-4© approach, where patients need to sport temporary bridges during the healing period before receiving their permanent fixes. At first glance, the first method appears to be a clear winner, but our closer examination proves otherwise.

The drawbacks of rushing the process

The following are some commonly encountered issues with 24-hour teeth replacements:

Gum tissue recovery process

It takes approximately three to four months for gum tissues to heal and recountour itself. Fitting the final teeth bridge 24 hours after the procedure means adjusting them to the gums’ condition at that specific moment. However, as the gums heal, they tend to shrink or recede from the bridge’s underside, leading to substantial gaps. These can cause saliva leakage during speech, pronunciation difficulties, and the trapping of food particles—all avoidable with proper healing.

The challenge of bite changes

Identifying the ideal bite can be particularly challenging for individuals who have been missing multiple teeth for an extended period. Introducing new teeth alters the bite, necessitating a period of adjustment. Although a new bite may feel comfortable right away, adjustments are often needed. Getting the final teeth set within 24 hours might lead to an adequate but painful bite due to improper muscle and TMJ function. This is why a trial period with temporary teeth allows for necessary tweaks, ensuring accurate fit.

The discomfort of immediate fitting on sensitive gums

Imagine the discomfort of having a hard set of teeth placed on swollen, tender gums. This far from pleasant experience is what patients go through when they opt for 24-hour teeth. On the other hand,  All-on-4© dental implants offer a more comfortable initial phase of recovery. You’ll need to follow a soft-food diet, but your temporary dentures make it easier and more comfortable.

Take advantage of advanced dental implants

What’s more important to you, speed or quality? At Temecula Facial Oral Surgery, we’re all about getting it right. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, we craft top-notch temporary teeth you can eat with. Plus, we firmly stay behind our fixed teeth on implants, ensuring your utmost confidence and peace of mind.

A word from our patients

Weighing your options wisely

Choosing between All-on-4© temporary dentures and other riskier options means considering what’s most important to you—your comfort, how well you heal, your budget, and the outcome you’re hoping for. That’s why it’s vital to also think about the extra issues that might come up with this choice.


Opting for the immediate teeth necessitates a substantial financial outlay upfront, combining the costs of surgery and the final teeth bridge at once. Given the current economic climate marked by high interest rates and inflation, this can be particularly daunting. Conversely, the staged and more affordable approach to dental implants allows patients to spread the financial burden.

Safer transition to a long term solution

Unlike immediate solutions, a temporary implant denture takes a more patient-centric route. They are intentionally crafted as a short-term fix, putting your comfort and the successful final outcome first. Over the next 3-4 months, as your gums heal, you’ll smoothly move towards getting your permanent teeth.

Local professionals you can trust for your All-on-4© temporary teeth

Been going back and forth trying to decide on the right dental treatment for you? If you want to experience the natural look and feel of full-mouth dental implants or another type of dental procedure, feel free to schedule a free second opinion consultation with Dr. Tsvetov. It’s your chance to fully restore and change your smile for the better.

Whether you’re looking for a modern and effective All-on-4© prosthesis in Riverside County or natural-looking replacement teeth in Temecula Valley, we’ve got you covered with the care and aftercare advice you need. Reach out to us today!