Are You Missing Several Teeth?

Missing Teeth Options in Temecula, Murrieta, and Menifee

Here again, we need to know what the final restoration will look like. Will it be individual crowns or a bridge? Also, an important question is there enough bone available to place the implants? We can take a cone beam scan and see if enough bone is available. Chances are, if teeth have been missing for a long time, there may not be enough bone available, and bone grafting may be needed. If not, and implants can be placed in a straightforward fashion, only 3 months of implant healing time would be needed before the work can begin on making crowns or bridges.

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Dental Implants for Several Non-Restorable Teeth (in the same area)

This situation is a little bit more challenging than a “single missing tooth” scenario, because here multiple teeth are involved. The first step would be to establish a plan—mainly how the teeth will be replaced. We have to know what the “end goal” is before we begin treatment. If we don’t know where we are going or what the goal is, we will not be able to achieve a desired result.

So, when it comes to few or multiple teeth that need to be removed and implants placed, the question becomes: What will the crowns/caps look like? Will each individual tooth be restored (three missing teeth, three implants, three crowns)? Or will we do an implant-supported bridge (three missing teeth, two implants, three connected crowns, like a dental bridge). This is important to know before we start any treatment because the answer to this question influences the cost (the more implants the more expensive the procedure is) and the maintenance of the final restoration (individual crowns are easier to maintain and to clean around then a traditional bridge).

Dental Implant Treatment Process would be as follows:

Step 1: Remove the bad teeth and do bone grafting to preserve remaining bone (socket preservation).

Step 2: After 4 months of healing, perform a cone beam scan to see how much bone you have, and if the remaining bone is enough to place implants. If so, implants can be placed exactly where they need to be to support the final restoration (individual crowns or a bridge).

Step 3: After an additional 3 months of implants healing to the bone, impressions of the implants can be taken so that the work can begin on making the crowns (caps) or a bridge.

Total treatment time 7 months for the implants and an additional 2-3 weeks for the crowns/bridges.