Snap-in Dentures vs. Implants

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Before & After, All-on-4
Before & After, All-on-4

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While snap-in dentures are often seen as a more cost-effective option, All-on-4® dental implants offer superior reliability and benefits. Watch the video below to understand all the advantages of the All-on-4® procedure over other alternatives.

Choosing the best option: Snap-in dentures vs. implants

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Snap-in dentures vs. All-on-4®. Snap-in dentures are being offered as a more affordable, functional alternative to the All-on-4® procedure. Many patients who believe that All-on-4® is out of their reach financially look at snap-in dentures as the next best thing. As you will see below, not only are the prices for All-on-4® essentially the same as for the snap-in dentures, but the additional benefits in terms of fixed/non-removable teeth, maintaining of the bone, and greatly increased chewing ability should take snap-in dentures entirely out of contention as an alternative to All-on-4®.

Snap-In Denture

Fixed All on 4 Bridge

Have to wear a loose denture for 3 months as implants heal Get fixed teeth immediately after implants are placed
Able to chew 25% effectively compared to natural teeth Able to chew 95% effectively compared to natural teeth
Ongoing bone loss in areas where implants are missing Bone is preserved and maintained by multiple implants
Removable hard piece of plastic that you have to take out and clean every night Fixed teeth that are only removed twice a year by a dentist
Snap in parts wear out—have to exchange them every 6 months—additional costs No parts that wear out
Teeth removal cost is extra Teeth removal cost is included
Cost $9000 (teeth extractions, 2 implants, attachments, denture) Cost $9500 (teeth extractions, 4-6 implants, attachments, fixed teeth)

As you can see from the table above, it’s not even an argument which option is better for essentially the same price. With the All-on-4® fixed bridge, you get your fixed teeth right after the surgery, you get better chewing efficiency, you don’t have to take your teeth out every night and suffer with mouth sores where the denture rubs the wrong way. You get a better solution that gets you as close as it gets to having natural teeth. Overall, when considering snap-in dentures vs. implants, the clear winner for the same price is the fixed All-on-4® bridge.

Problems with snap-in dentures

Let’s dive deeper into the issues you may experience if you decide to get snap-in dentures.

Initial wear period

If you get snap-in dentures, you’ll have to wear a loose-fitting denture for about three months as your implants heal. This period can be uncomfortable and might require frequent adjustments. On the other hand, with All-on-4®, you receive fixed teeth immediately after the procedure.

Chewing efficiency

This type of dental restoration provides roughly 25% of the chewing efficiency you would have with your own teeth. It’s a significant limitation that can affect your dietary choices and overall satisfaction with the dentures, potentially impacting your quality of life.

Bone loss

Ongoing bone loss can occur in areas without implants, which may lead to additional dental complications as time progresses. This gradual deterioration not only affects the stability of the dentures but can also pose long-term issues for your oral health.

Maintenance requirements

One of the additional problems with snap-in dentures is that they are made of a hard plastic that must be removed and cleaned every night. This requirement adds an extra step to your daily maintenance routine. On the other hand, the All-on-4® fixed bridge is only removed by your dentist two times a year.

Durability and replacement costs

The snap-in components are prone to wear and tear and usually need to be replaced every six months. This regular replacement leads to ongoing additional costs, making them less economical over time. Unlike snap-in dentures, All-on-4® doesn’t get worn out over time.

Additional costs for tooth removal

Any required tooth extractions are not covered in the initial cost of the procedure and will result in additional charges. This means you should anticipate extra expenses beyond the quoted price for your dental work.

Overall Cost

The total cost for snap-in dentures in Temecula and surrounding areas typically runs about $9,000. This price covers everything from teeth extractions and the placement of two implants to the necessary attachments and the denture itself.


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