Teeth In A Day Riverside County

Can I Get a Full Set of Teeth in One Day?

Yes, it’s entirely possible for Riverside County patients to get a full set of teeth in one day, provided they meet the appropriate conditions. For example, while patients don’t need the level of jawbone tissue that is required for a full mouth of dental implants, they do still need enough to support the four core implants that will hold the dental bridge. Their mouth also needs to be healthy enough for dental surgery, meaning they can’t have infections or other problems that could interfere with healing after the procedure. Otherwise, the chance of the new teeth failing is far more likely.

During the day of their appointment, Riverside County patients will be sedated to remove any discomfort during the procedure. Then, any existing teeth they have will be removed to make way for the new replacement bridge. Four implants will be strategically placed in the upper and lower jaws. The teeth in a day procedure can also be performed on just one row of teeth. Then, Dr. Tsvetov will attach the temporary replacement bridge to the implants, giving patients brand-new teeth in a day.

Of course, this temporary bridge is not the final version — the patient’s mouth needs some time to heal before the permanent teeth can be installed. However, for all intents and purposes, patients will leave Dr. Tsvetov’s office with new teeth in a day that they can stil use to eat, chew, bite, and drink as they did in the past.

Is a Bone Graft Necessary When Getting Teeth-in-a-Day?

Because of the revolutionary placement of the implants during the teeth in a day procedure, bone grafting is typically not required for Riverside County patients seeking this method of teeth replacement. This is because of the angle in which the implants are inserted. Normal dental implants are placed straight into the jaw, much like the root of a tooth. This provides a stable hold for that tooth when there’s enough bone to support the implant, but otherwise, the implant will fail because it won’t have enough bone to grab on to.

Teeth in a day implants are different because they are placed at an angle that goes deeper into the jaw. Because of this, even if patients don’t have a thick amount of jawbone, the implants still provide enough support. They will be held in place because of this diagonal insertion, providing ample support for a full replacement bridge.

Without the need for bone grafting, the teeth in a day procedure is far faster and easier than traditional dental implants. There is no need for additional surgery or waiting months for the jaw to recover. Additionally, it means more people in Riverside County qualify to have this procedure performed. Even patients who have been missing their teeth for several years should still have enough bone tissue left to support the four implants used in this procedure.

To know for sure, they can schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Tsvetov, who will perform a full oral examination and confirm their candidacy.