4 Post-Operative Tips for All-on-4 Implants

All-on-4 dental implants are a popular solution for most people in Bonsall and surrounding areas looking to restore their smile and improve their oral health. In spite of its high success rate – about 95% – following proper post-treatment care is crucial for your implants to heal properly. 

However, implant failure can still happen, typically within the first few weeks after treatment. As someone who has undergone surgery and had teeth replaced, you should take the following steps to keep your new teeth healthy. 

How long does recovery last?

The duration of recovery can vary from person to person. In general, doctors recommend taking five to seven days off after an all-on-4 procedure. However, there are a number of variables that can affect how long it takes to recover, such as the extent of the procedure, including whether teeth and bone grafting are required, and individual factors such as age, overall health, and any pre-existing medical conditions. How long does recovery last

What is recovery after all-on-4 like?

To ensure a complete recovery, it’s essential to adhere to post-operative care guidelines.

Tip #1: Adjust your diet

After a dental surgery, it’s important to adjust your diet to aid recovery and prevent any complications. Avoid hard, crunchy, or sticky foods for the first three months as these can damage the implants and delay healing. Stick to soft, nutritious foods, such as soups, smoothies, and purees. Remind yourself to drink plenty of water and to abstain from tobacco and alcohol.

Tip #2: Proper oral hygiene

Proper oral hygiene is crucial for a successful recovery and long-term success of your implants. During the first few days, it’s important to avoid brushing or flossing the surgical site, as this can cause irritation or bleeding. Instead, use a gentle mouthwash or rinse with warm salt water to keep the area clean. Once the swelling and soreness subside, you can start cleaning with the water pik device.

Tip #3: Have a good rest

Many patients neglect the need to rest after receiving all-on-4 dental implant treatment, yet this is a crucial post-treatment tip. Avoid any strenuous physical activity for the first few days, and take it easy for the next few weeks. 

Rest and relaxation can help reduce swelling, pain, and discomfort, allowing your body to focus on healing. It’s also important to elevate your head while sleeping to prevent pressure and reduce pain.

Tip #4: Take painkillers

Despite being a relatively painless procedure, you may experience slight discomfort and bruising in the days that follow. Take painkillers as needed during the first few days. In case you start to experience swelling or puffiness around your mouth, cold ice packs can help you manage pain and swelling.

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