A Guide To Tooth Extraction Healing Stages

Preparing for an emergency dental extraction in Escondido? Perhaps you’re experiencing problems caused by your wisdom teeth, or maybe you have a damaged tooth due to a traumatic event, or you’re suffering from gum disease. No matter the reason, tooth extraction is a common dental procedure that many people undergo at some point in their lives. 

While the extraction itself may be relatively straightforward, the healing process can vary and require some care to ensure proper recovery. In the following blog, we’ll explore healing stages and how each will affect you. From the immediate aftermath of the procedure to recovery, here you’ll find helpful tips and advice that will guide you through the entire process. 

How long it takes for a tooth extraction site to heal?

Here are a few things to keep in mind during the post-op period:How long it takes for a tooth extraction site to heal

The first 24 hours

The healing process in your mouth begins immediately after the extraction. As a result, a blood clot forms, and you may experience some minor pain and bleeding. Your dentist may prescribe a prescription painkiller or suggest an OTC medicine to help you manage discomfort. Aside from that, keeping your cheek iced shortly after the procedure will help you minimize swelling.

A few days after 

Approximately three days after extraction, the empty tooth socket should be almost fully healed, with no more bleeding and reduced swelling. Although you may still feel some mild discomfort or tenderness, there should be no pain at this point. Keeping the clot intact during this phase is crucial, making good oral hygiene a necessity.

  • Prevent infection by rinsing your mouth with a saline solution or warm salt water to minimize bacterial growth. 
  • It’s fine to brush and floss your teeth as usual, but make sure to avoid the extraction site. An oral saline solution, or saltwater, should suffice in cleaning the extraction area. 
  • To avoid getting food stuck in your socket, consider consuming soft foods. Suitable options may include smoothies, soups, mushed-up and well-cooked vegetables.

1-week post extraction

The blood clot has probably formed completely by now, and if your extraction involved stitches, they’ve probably been removed already. Dissolvable stitches, on the other hand, will disappear on their own. 

Moreover, you can now include a wider variety of food options in your diet, but be alert for foods that may get trapped in the empty socket, such as grains, nuts, and fruits that contain small seeds, such as red berries. Maintaining a clean extraction site is vital, as it may lead to infection.

3+ weeks post extraction 

In three weeks, your mouth will almost completely heal from surgery. Yet, the site is still sensitive, and excessive brushing or aggressive chewing may aggravate it further. Keep debris from accumulating around the empty socket, and don’t touch the area, as this could increase the risk of infection. While you don’t need to be excessively cautious, you should be considerate of your healing process.

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