What Can I Expect from a Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom tooth cases can get complicated. That is a fact. This scenario may not happen to you, but it might, which is why it’s important to understand what you can expect from the procedure. The best thing you can do is make sure you put your dental care and wellbeing in the safe and competent hands of oral surgeons with experience in performing emergency extractions of wisdom teeth in Temecula. So what can you expect from a wisdom tooth extraction and how will your oral surgeon conduct the evaluation process before the extraction itself?

What equipment is needed for wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction often requires the expertise of an oral surgeon due to the potential complications associated with decayed, hard-to-reach, erupting, impacted or otherwise improperly positioned and problematic wisdom teeth. 

Before proceeding with the extraction, your doctor will need to perform X-rays and evaluation. Followup care may also be required. Depending on the particular issue you have with your wisdom teeth, the extraction will be more or less complex.

Your oral surgeon will likely use a range of tools and equipment when doing your wisdom tooth extraction, the most important ones being:

  • extraction forceps, 
  • elevators, 
  • scalpel, 
  • surgical bars and 
  • needle holders and sutures. 

They may also need to use an aspirator, scissors, specialized artery forceps, bone rongeur, file and curettes, chisels and mallet. 

What does a panoramic image show?

A panoramic image shows your dental specialist your upper or lower jaw, i.e., the maxilla and the mandible. This panoramic scanning dental X-ray of the upper and/or lower jaw enables your doctor to get a 2D view of your jaw, ear-to-ear. It can also provide your doctor with valuable insight into your oral health on the whole.

Why is panoramic image needed for wisdom tooth extractions?

Panoramic imaging enables your doctor to get a wide view of all your four wisdom teeth at once. The smaller traditional intraoral X-rays can be useful in some other circumstances, but in the case of impacted wisdom teeth, nothing is better than a panoramic image. 

The image also reveals other important structures, including the interior alveolar nerve and the sinus cavities of the maxilla or your upper jaw. In doing so, it displays all the information your doctor needs to perform a successful wisdom tooth examination, evaluation, diagnosis and extraction. 

To sum up, panoramic imaging saves you and your doctor valuable time and makes the entire process easier, more simple and more straightforward. This not only reduces the risk of health complications, but also ensures the optimal outcome of your procedure. Last but not least, the sooner your doctor can proceed with the extraction, the sooner will you be able to bid farewell to pain and discomfort. You will be given a choice of anesthetic to minimize your discomfort during the procedure itself.

If you are currently experiencing pain caused by a wisdom tooth infection, your best and safest course of action is to seek professional help right away. 

Safe emergency extractions of wisdom teeth in Temecula and the rest of the Valley

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