Guide to Tooth Extraction Pain Management

In the ideal world, our permanent teeth would live up to their full potential and last a lifetime. But whether due to damage, decay, infection, risk of infection, gum disease or crowding, tooth extraction may become inevitable. 

For patients in Temecula and the surrounding areas, emergency tooth extractions in Temecula are among the most commonly performed procedures. Teeth and wisdom teeth extractions are potentially complex procedures which require the knowledge and expertise of oral surgery specialists.

Read on to learn more about the tooth extraction and the post-procedure recovery process.

Can we extract teeth when in pain?

If you have ever experienced a toothache, you can certainly relate: the throbbing, excruciating pain that refuses to go away whatever you do. You cannot eat, you cannot sleep, you can barely think. The pain in your tooth and ways to make it go away is the only thing on your mind. 

It comes as no surprise that among the most frequently asked questions dental specialists get from their patients is whether they can undergo same day extraction of the tooth if they are in pain. The answer is yes! Contrary to folk wisdom, acute inflammation or infection is no longer considered a legitimate reason to postpone tooth extraction. 

But there is a simple explanation for why patients think they have to wait it out, even if that means having to put up with constant pain: in the past, doctors would find it extremely challenging to get the tooth numb, which is why they would wait before proceeding with the extraction. Some patients still insist on finishing their course of antibiotics in order to get the infection under control prior to the extraction. 

Luckily, we now know with certainty that it is absolutely not necessary to endure pain as you await your procedure, and we have advances in anesthetics and anesthesia techniques to thank for that. These enable your doctor to numb the area in question and give you pain relief which will carry you through the procedure quickly, safely and comfortably. As a result, you can get your tooth extracted the very same day, even if you are under intense pain. 

What are the risks of not getting an infected tooth extracted?

You definitely do not want to wait if you can get the infected tooth out, because the longer you wait, the worse it can get. Besides, the extraction is the only way to go: you can take all the antibiotics you want but your underlying problem will still be there and the infection will still be present, with the potential of getting worse and putting your health at greater risk. Once your dental specialist has removed the source of your infection from the jawbone, they will have effectively solved your problem. 

The bottom line is that you cannot afford to wait too long for your tooth extraction, especially if you are in pain. If you do this, antibiotics will be ineffective in treating the infection and the situation can become completely uncontrollable before you know it. One of the worst-case scenarios is having the infection spread into the deeper tissues of the neck, which may lead to severe complications.

If you take the plunge and go through with an extraction, you will spare yourself the following: 

  • an even bigger ordeal
  • longer recovery time
  • the risk of complications
  • the risk of the infection getting out of hand. 

How long does pain last after tooth extraction?

You can expect to feel discomfort to a greater or lesser degree for a few days, up to a week or two at most, following the extraction. The discomfort will gradually become reduced one day at a time. Your doctor will give you detailed personalized instructions on post-extraction care, as well as set up/be available for scheduled or emergency follow-up appointments. 

Is it normal for the teeth around my extracted tooth to hurt?

During the initial recovery period, after your anesthetic has worn off, you will feel discomfort around the extraction site. This is a perfectly normal sensation. It is also perfectly normal to feel discomfort in the surrounding area around the extraction site, especially if your oral surgeon had to perform the extraction in fragments or cut your gum or bone tissue to expose and extract the tooth. 

The level of discomfort will likely depend on the duration and complexity of your extraction procedure. You will be instructed by your doctor on how to manage the discomfort and keep it under control. 

Safe emergency tooth extractions in Temecula and the area

How long does pain last after tooth extractionAre you in pain because of a tooth? Do you want the pain to go away as soon as possible? Then there is only one way to go: an emergency tooth extraction. At Temecula Facial Oral Surgery, we’ll accommodate you on the very same day. 

As one of the leading oral surgeons in Temecula Valley, Dr. Tsvetov performs emergency tooth extractions safely, comfortably and conveniently. We have a strong track record and strong commitment to patient and customer care. In our office, there is no room for fear. Spare yourself the associated health risks and a headache on top of a toothache and do not hesitate to give us a call!