Why Does an Oral Surgeon Need to Extract Your Wisdom Teeth

Young Smiling Male in Blue ShirtGet ready, because we’re about to combine a science and history lesson into one to explain why you need Riverside County oral surgeon Dr. Tsvetov to extract your wisdom teeth!

You see, the human mouth is only designed for the 28 adult teeth that we get in our adolescent and teen years. But thousands and thousands of years ago, our ancestors didn’t have access to the advanced dental care that Riverside County patients have today. Before the common era and even recently, about 100 years ago, it was very common for teens and adults to lose teeth due to a lack of proper oral hygiene, periodontal disease, and injury, just to name a few causes.

But, our bodies foresaw this issue. That’s why we have 4 extra teeth in waiting, which are supposed to erupt in our late teen or early adult years after we’ve lost a few teeth due to natural causes. The purpose of these teeth isn’t aesthetics, but actually, to help early man regain the oral functionality that he lost as he all too often lost much-needed teeth due to the elements of his time.

Why We Don’t Need Wisdom Teeth Today

Because of the modern day advancements in daily oral hygiene, not to mention the general field of dentistry itself, it’s now very rare to lose a tooth in your teenage or adult years. And when you do, you have tooth replacement options such as dental implants which restore oral function and aesthetics.

However, our bodies are still programmed to erupt these 4 extra teeth in our late teens or early 20’s. The problem is that our mouths are not big enough for these four extra molars!

As a result, these teeth often cause a few common problems:

  • They erupt and crowd your existing teeth, thus causing teeth to shift and your smile to change
  • They become impacted or stuck underneath existing teeth that early man didn’t have, causing modern-day Riverside County patients a lot of pain

And finally, even if you’re among the lucky few who actually do have room in their mouth for 4 extra teeth, cutting teeth in your teens and early adult years is just downright painful!

The Importance of Surgical Removal

For the reasons listed above, most Riverside County patients choose to have their wisdom teeth surgically extracted by an oral surgeon, such as Temecula Facial Oral Surgery Dr. Tsvetov. In fact, this is one of the most common procedures that Dr. Tsvetov performs!

Dr. Tsvetov understands that for most patients, wisdom teeth removal is the first type of surgery they’ve ever had. That means they may have some dental anxiety or be worried that the procedure will be uncomfortable.

Don’t worry. In addition to removing these teeth, so they don’t cause you any pain or smile changes, Dr. Tsvetov is very concerned about your comfort during the surgery. He uses local anesthesia on all patients, so the procedure is completely pain-free.

And for those who don’t want a memory of the surgery, he offers IV sedation so you can be completely asleep as these teeth are removed.

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