How Long Will the Swelling Last After Dental Implants?

Mature Couple Exchanging Flowers and EmbracingGetting dental implants placed is an oral surgery. And just like all oral surgeries – or any surgery, for that matter – there will be swelling after your implants procedure. How long that swelling will last, however, depends on a few factors.

The Amount of Swelling You’ll Experience Will Depend on Your Unique Surgical Plan

Every Riverside County patient getting implants placed has a unique surgical plan. Some have implants placed on the same day they have their tooth extracted. Others have multiple implants placed on the same day. And still, other patients use a system called All-on-4®, in which 4 angled titanium rods are placed in an empty arch of teeth, and then an entire arch of tooth-looking crowns are placed on those 4 titanium rods.

As you can see, since everyone has a different treatment plan, it makes sense that Riverside County dental implants patients experience different degrees of post-surgical swelling. Generally speaking, though, swelling peaks about 48 hours after your surgery, and can last from about 5 to 7 days.

You Can Reduce the Amount of Swelling You Experience By Icing Your Face After Your Procedure

Nobody wants their cheeks to swell up so much it makes them look like a chipmunk. But swelling after implants can be significant, and if you don’t take the steps to combat it, you just may look like you’re storing a winter’s worth of nuts in your mouth.

Riverside County oral surgeon Dr. Tsvetov recommends that immediately after your surgery, you begin a routine of icing your face. Wrap a soft ice pack or frozen peas in a dry hand towel or washcloth, and apply it to the side or sides of the face where your implants were placed. The cool compresses can fight excessive swelling before it starts, making you more comfortable after your dental implants surgery.

Elevating Your Head After Surgery Can Reduce Swelling, Too

Just because dental implants are only placed in your mouth, doesn’t mean that your body hasn’t been through a surgery. It has! Immediately after you get home from your procedure, you should lay down and rest with your head elevated with a few pillows. Elevating your head after implants are placed increases the blood flow to your surgical sites, and can help reduce the swelling you’ll experience post-op.

Follow Dr. Tsvetov’s Post-Op Instructions Exactly

When you’re ready to leave Riverside County’s Temecula Facial Oral Surgery after having your dental implants placed, Dr. Tsvetov will provide you with a list of post-operative instructions. Follow these notes exactly as they are written. These instructions are designed to help you heal as quickly and as healthily as possible. Not following the instructions – such as chewing on the surgical sites – can cause trauma to your surgical sites and not only increase swelling but can cause other complications such as the risk for infection or even implant failure.

Contact Temecula Facial Oral Surgery with Any Questions or Concerns

Whether you’re feeling uncomfortable after having implants placed, or you’re concerned you have excessive swelling after your procedure, our team is here to help you.

Call us with any post-op questions or concerns at our Riverside County offices at (951) 302-9100.