Signs You Have an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

How do you know if your wisdom teeth are impactedWisdom teeth development and eruption is frequently associated with issues that only an oral surgeon may address properly. These problems frequently arise because there is simply not enough room in the jaw to accommodate wisdom teeth or third molars, the last four teeth. 

When a wisdom tooth fails to develop and erupt normally but stays completely or partially buried under the jawline, this is known as impaction. For patients from Menifee and other areas, surgical impacted wisdom tooth removal is the only long-term solution. 

So what are the signs of wisdom tooth impaction?

How do you know if your wisdom teeth are impacted?

When it comes to wisdom teeth, continued monitoring is your safety net. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop and even normal, non-impacted wisdom teeth can cause issues. But impacted wisdom teeth are particularly problematic. 

Just because wisdom teeth no longer serve their original purpose (tearing and chewing coarse food) does not mean they are not prone to decay. In fact, wisdom teeth could be even more difficult to keep healthy because they are so difficult to clean. The potential for decay is enormous when it comes to wisdom teeth in general, even when impaction is not an issue. This has to do with where wisdom teeth are located. They are difficult to reach and take care of properly, which can serve as a magnet for bacteria. 

A wisdom tooth is considered impacted if there is not enough room for it to develop and grow normally. Namely, wisdom teeth are normally positioned after the second molar, but only if there is sufficient room for normal development and growth. When wisdom teeth are impacted, they are trapped below your gum line, either partially or completely.

The risk of abscess formation and infections is high regardless of the degree of impaction. This condition can lead to decay and even resorption of the surrounding healthy teeth, as well as other complications which are preventable when the tooth is surgically extracted

Is an impacted wisdom tooth an emergency?

Wisdom teeth impaction is often accompanied by intense pain. But an impacted wisdom tooth can be an emergency for reasons other than the unbearable pain. The tooth site and the surrounding area can be susceptible to recurring infections. Without treatment, the consequences to the patients’ dental, oral and general health can be devastating. 

Impacted wisdom teeth removal can be necessary and a matter of urgency, especially in patients who suffer from the following:

  • Pain
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Recurring infections of the surrounding soft tissue
  • Damage to the surrounding teeth
  • Cysts or fluid-filled sacs
  • Tumors

Although it may be possible to have wisdom teeth extracted like any other tooth, wisdom tooth extractions are not typically handled by general dentists. Impacted teeth, for instance, always require a surgical extraction which is handled by an oral surgeon. 

Safe and pain-free impacted wisdom tooth removal on patients in Menifee and the area

Is an impacted wisdom tooth an emergencyWhen it comes to wisdom tooth impaction, the solution is simple: eliminate the source and you will effectively eliminate the risk of all the potential complications. Many patients are absolutely petrified at the thought of having to undergo a dental extraction, especially if it is a complex surgical extraction, which is often the case when wisdom teeth are concerned. But there is no reason for concern when you have a skilled and experienced facial and oral surgery veteran on your side. 

Besides, modern dentistry and sophisticated imaging technology make it possible to have wisdom teeth removed preventatively or in case of an emergency without having to worry about pain and discomfort.

Dr. Tsvetov often performs impacted wisdom tooth removal on patients in the area and he does it efficiently and patiently to ensure patient’s comfort throughout the procedure. Using panoramic imaging, Dr. Tsvetov can make a precise evaluation and diagnosis prior to the extraction. Whether you live in Menifee or another community in the area, you are just a short drive away from our office! At our practice, you can also choose between as many as three anesthesia techniques.

Do not hesitate to contact us and schedule your evaluation appointment. The consultation includes free panoramic X-rays & a Cone Beam Scan. We can take your pain away, so call today!