Risks Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Should I remove an impacted wisdom toothWe live in the 21st century. Owing to the advancements of modern medicine, we can detect health issues early on to prevent them from escalating and give patients better treatment outcomes and a more comfortable experience overall. 

Still, many patients only agree to see a doctor because they are experiencing unpleasant or unusual symptoms. For instance, the pain caused by an impacted wisdom tooth can be absolutely insufferable. For many patients from Menifee, an impacted wisdom tooth extraction is the only way to make the persistent pain go away. 

Others with the same problem do not show any symptoms, which is why they may not realize they have a problem until after it has left consequences. Patients who do not have regular appointments with their doctor are most at risk because they can exacerbate a problem without realizing it. 

Being diligent about appointments is therefore extremely important. Even if the tell-tale signs aren’t there, doctors can detect problems and come up with solutions to minimize risks. 

So what are the potential health risks of impacted wisdom teeth?

Should I remove an impacted wisdom tooth?

There was a time when wisdom teeth or third molars served a useful purpose. Once wisdom teeth began losing their purpose, they became increasingly problematic and having them extracted was proving to be the best practice. 

Wisdom teeth call for surgical interventions for a number of reasons: malalignment, decay,  impaction. They can also cause damage to other teeth, as well as chronic cheek/tongue bite. Depending on the underlying condition, a wisdom tooth extraction can be more or less complex. Extraction of a problematic wisdom tooth is a straightforward procedure, but it needs to be done surgically. 

When it comes to impacted wisdom teeth, the question is seldom whether they should be removed. More often than not, it is a question of how soon it needs to be removed in order to avoid complications and prevent the situation from going from bad to worse.

The urgency of the surgical wisdom tooth extraction procedure depends on the degree and severity of the impaction. Wisdom tooth impaction can be completely asymptomatic, but it can also cause excruciating, intolerable pain. The risks of neglect and failure to seek treatment are enormous.

The risks of impacted wisdom teeth that are stuck below the gum line or even misaligned wisdom teeth are numerous and include:

  • Overcrowding 
  • Tooth decay
  • Damage to surrounding teeth
  • Recurring infections
  • Gum disease

All these potential outcomes can be interconnected and a person may struggle with all of them at once. But wisdom teeth problems can escalate and lead to far worse outcomes. 

What happens if you don’t remove impacted wisdom teeth?

If a patient is diagnosed with wisdom tooth impaction, their oral surgeon will most likely recommend having the tooth extracted as soon as possible. Not having an impacted wisdom tooth removed can lead to a series of complications that can have devastating implications unless addressed properly and in a timely manner.

If a patient’s wisdom tooth is fully or partially trapped inside the jaw, there is a high risk of infections and cysts that can damage the healthy roots of neighboring teeth or bone support. Because impacted wisdom teeth are difficult to see and even more difficult to access and clean properly, they tend to attract bacteria which can cause gum disease and oral infection.

We are lucky that surgical removal or extraction of wisdom teeth is a commonly performed procedure. Owing to the advancements in modern dentistry and oral surgery, the discomfort can be removed entirely. No longer do we have to resign ourselves to a life of pain and chronic infections, because we can simply have the source of the problem eliminated forever. No longer is wisdom tooth extraction a painful and difficult procedure. A competent oral surgeon can perform the procedure quickly and the patient can opt for their preferred pain management method.

The #1 practice for impacted wisdom tooth extractions in Menifee and the area

What happens if you don't remove impacted wisdom teethThe first step to avoiding the risks of wisdom tooth impaction and all the potential complications frequently associated with the condition is to have your wisdom teeth examined by an experienced facial and oral surgeon. Dr. Tsvetov has an excellent bedside manner and he will recommend your best and safest course of action. 

With the help of his team, Dr. Tsvetov frequently performs impacted wisdom tooth extractions to give patients in Menifee and other communities in the Temecula region lasting pain relief and protection from complications in a safe, efficient and comfortable way.  We maintain stringent safety standards and we will provide you with detailed aftercare guidelines to make sure your recovery goes smoothly and swiftly. 

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