Benefits of Rebuilding Bone for Dental Implants

Mature Couple Taking Selfie Under TreesIf you’re considering getting dental implants to replace a missing tooth or teeth, it’s important that you visit Riverside County oral surgeon Dr. Tsvetov to determine your eligibility for this tooth replacement system. In some cases, pre-surgeries may be required in order to prepare your mouth for the implants and give you the best chance at implant success.

When a Bone Graft is Needed Before Dental Implants Can Be Placed

Your tooth’s natural root does more than simply hold your tooth in place. It also stimulates your jawbone growth. Patients who’ve had missing teeth for quite a while, or who’ve had a tooth surgically extracted without having socket preservation performed, may experience a common complication to tooth loss called jawbone resorption. This is a natural process that occurs when your tooth root is no longer stimulating your jawbone’s growth. Your jawbone tissue just naturally begins to shrink!

However, in order for dental implants to be properly placed and have the best chance of success – meaning they properly fuse with your jawbone tissue and form a tight bond – you need to have adequate jawbone tissue at your surgical site. Some Riverside County patients who desire implants don’t have enough of this bone tissue, though. Whether it’s because they’ve been missing teeth for a while, didn’t have socket preservation performed at the time of a tooth extraction, or have lost jawbone tissue due to advanced stages of periodontal disease, these patients need a pre-surgery called a bone graft before they can have implants placed.

The Benefits of a Bone Graft

If Riverside County’s Dr. Tsvetov tells you that you need a bone graft surgery before you can have dental implants placed, then the pre-surgery may provide you with several benefits, including:*

  • More jawbone tissue
  • Enough jawbone tissue for the titanium rod portion of dental implants to be properly placed
  • A higher likelihood that your implants will be successful, and a reduced chance that your implants will fail

Bone Grafts are Worth the Wait

If you need a bone graft surgery, it may require you to wait up to 6 to 8 months before you can have implants placed.* But trust Dr. Tsvetov, a bone graft before implant placement is worth the wait. Implants are a big investment in your time and money. You want to ensure your implants have the best possible chance of succeeding. If that means delaying permanent implants for less than a year, it’s worth the long-term benefit of having replacement teeth that are built to last a lifetime.

Learning More About Bone Graft Surgery

Whether you suspect you need a bone graft before implants because you’ve been missing teeth for a while, or you’re unsure if you’ll need any pre-surgeries before implants can be placed, Dr. Tsvetov can give you a definitive answer.

Call Dr. Tsvetov in Riverside County today to schedule an initial consultation for permanent teeth replacement using dental implants at (951) 302-9100.

*Individual results may vary.