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If you cannot stand the thought of having your teeth extracted, whether for fear of pain or the potential complications, you are not alone. Many patients in Winchester and other areas across Temecula Valley probably feel the same way.

But that is because you have yet to find an oral surgeon you can have confidence in to do the procedure safely. Dr. Tsvetov has extensive experience in performing emergency teeth and wisdom teeth extractions of varying levels of complexity. He will take the necessary steps to ensure a safe outcome of the procedure and restore your dental and oral health, the functionality of your jaw and teeth, as well as your natural-looking smile.

If necessary, Dr. Tsvetov can perform same-day teeth extractions to make room for your dental implant procedure. Steps taken prior to the procedure include conducting a detailed examination, running tests, and checking your oral and dental medical history. You will be presented with a clear overview of your options for post-extraction dental replacement.

Why see an oral surgeon in a dental emergency?

The key reason to see an oral surgeon in a dental emergency is because oral surgeons specialize in performing complex procedures that require precision and have wider experience and broader qualifications than general dentists.

Aside from dental emergencies, oral surgeons have the expertise to perform complex planned tooth and wisdom tooth extractions, dental implants, cyst or tumor removals, broken jaw, facial bones and jaw realignment, cosmetic surgeries, and more.

Patients from Winchester, Temecula, and the surrounding areas reach out to Dr. Tsvetov not only because of his qualifications and experience but also because of the following reasons:

  • Reputation & commitment to strong customer care
  • High success rate
  • Innovative and lasting dental implant solutions
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Rapid recovery & follow-up patient care


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How soon can I have an extracted tooth replaced?

A dental extraction is necessary in order to eliminate a problem with a tooth in and of itself before it escalates. But this makes way for another problem: how to replace the missing tooth in order to preserve full functionality of your teeth and jaw and not compromise the healthy surrounding tissue?

Science has yet to come up with a better and more durable solution than dental implants which help restore the function and appearance of natural teeth effectively. In the vast majority of cases, dental implants are the most dependable and most cost-effective option.

Upon examining you, Dr. Tsvetov will discuss your dental replacement options with you to help you determine if a dental implant fits the bill. How soon you can have your missing tooth replaced depends mainly on whether your recovery following your dental extraction has been swift, smooth, and free of complications.

Dr. Tsvetov will do everything in his power to ensure it has. Schedule your consultation at your convenience and make an informed decision for your long-term health.

What risks are associated with emergency tooth extractions?

It is perfectly normal to fear the unknown, and emergency tooth extractions normally fall under that category. But there is nothing to worry about. Dr. Tsvetov will guide you through the procedure and the recovery process beforehand, in addition to giving you a choice between various anesthesia options so as to minimize your discomfort throughout.

Forget about uncertainty, risks, and complications. Like so many patients from Winchester and other areas throughout Temecula Valley before you, you will be in safe, competent hands.

Put a gorgeous smile back on your face

Discover why Dr. Tsvetov has such a distinguished reputation as the go-to oral surgeon in Winchester and the surrounding areas. He will recommend your best option and ensure your oral and dental health is restored. Undergoing emergency dental extractions in Winchester and the area may sound frightening, but there is no reason to fear for your health and safety when you have one of the area’s leading oral surgeons looking out for you and your wellbeing.

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