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People get emergency extractions for a variety of reasons, but primarily to maintain good dental health and prevent complications. If you schedule a consultation with doctor Dmitry Tsvetov, he will carefully examine your teeth to determine if an extraction is needed. This may be necessary if your teeth are severely decayed, poorly positioned, broken with no possibility of repair, or if you suffer from advanced gum disease. If that’s the case, relying on Dr. Tsvetov to perform reliable ortho extractions in Hemet is usually the best course of action.

Unfortunately, an improperly performed dental extraction can lead to a variety of problems with your teeth, gums, and jaw, affecting your chewing ability and overall dental health. You can avoid these complications by depending on Dr. Tsvetov. During the initial consultation, he will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and suggest all the available options for the extraction and the replacement of the removed tooth, ensuring lasting benefits. Schedule a consultation at Temecula Facial Oral Surgery now!

How does emergency dental extraction work?

Whether you’re undergoing regular or emergency dental extractions, the process will essentially be the same unless serious complications occur. During the procedure, the oral surgeon will use a local anesthetic to numb your teeth and gums to minimize discomfort. While teeth extractions with anesthesia are not painful, you might feel some pressure caused by the process of widening the tooth socket.

If you do feel pain and discomfort during the removal process, don’t hesitate to tell Dr. Tsvetov. At Temecula Facial Oral Surgery, it is our goal to ensure comfortable, stress-free emergency teeth extractions for each patient and Hemet, which is why we offer several anesthesia options.


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When is tooth sectioning necessary?

In some dental extractions, Dr. Tsvetov may have to perform a tooth sectioning process. This may be the case if the affected tooth is too firmly anchored in the socket or the root is curved in a way that prevents removal. The procedure entails cutting your tooth into several sections in order to remove them more easily.

Doctor Tsvetov is an experienced professional who specializes in performing emergency ortho extractions and dental implant placement for patients in Hemet and the surrounding areas. However difficult your specific dental problem may be, you can rely on Dr. Tsvetov to perform the necessary procedures to resolve it effectively and ensure maximum benefits.

What is the proper healing procedure after a tooth extraction?

After undergoing a tooth extraction, you will have to wait for a blood clot to form and stop the bleeding. Once the clot has formed,  the healing process will begin. In order to make it less painful and quicker, you can:

  • Bite on some gauze for 30-45 minutes to stop the bleeding and oozing after the appointment. If it persists, repeat the process.
  • After the blood clot has successfully formed, do not rinse or brush your teeth too vigorously so as not to dislodge or disturb the clot. You should also avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, and exercise for three days after the appointment.
  • It is normal to feel some discomfort and swelling after emergency extractions, especially of wisdom teeth. This is why we recommend that our Hemet patients apply a pack of ice or frozen fruit/vegetables to the treated area to reduce the swelling.
  • It is important to use your prescribed pain medication per the instructions. Make sure to let us know if the medication seems not to be working. If you were prescribed antibiotics, make sure to take them as instructed even if no signs of infection are noticeable.
  • Make sure to eat soft foods with good nutritional value and drink a lot of fluids on the day after your appointment.
  • Make sure to resume your normal dental routine once 24 hours have passed after the extraction. This includes brushing and flossing your teeth daily to keep them clean and fresh and ensure a successful healing process.
  • If you happen to experience profuse bleeding, severe pain, swelling, or unwanted reactions to medication, make sure to get in touch with us right away.

What makes an emergency tooth extraction?

Emergency teeth extractions are usually performed in a single day and may involve situations where a single tooth or multiple teeth may have to be removed. Your dental specialist in Hemet may choose to perform an extraction if your teeth are infected, abscessed, or fractured, causing swelling and pain.

In these situations, the infection may start to spread across your face and neck, which can be quite dangerous, especially if you have a weak immune system. Not only can the infection close off your airway and affect your breathing, but it may also cause eye infections and in extremely

If you suspect you may need an emergency extraction, make sure to reach out to Dr. Tsvetov or visit Temecula Facial Oral Surgery. We are at your service whether you need emergency extractions of wisdom teeth or want to get a high-quality dental implant in Hemet.

Get stress-free emergency dental extractions in Hemet & the area

As a board-certified dental surgeon, Doctor Dmitry Tsvetov has vast experience in performing emergency teeth extractions and dental implant placements in Hemet and across Riverside County. In order to minimize stress and ensure a beneficial outcome, he will perform thorough examinations and create an effective solution tailored to your particular needs. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Tsvetov today!

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