Safe Emergency Dental Extractions in Lake Elsinore, CA

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Dr. Tsvetov: a trusted choice for emergency tooth extractions in Lake Elsinore & the area

If emergency teeth extractions sound intimidating, perhaps you just haven’t found the right oral surgeon. Until now. Dr. Tsvetov can perform demanding, complicated surgical procedures, even if the tooth to be extracted requires cutting out a portion of gum or bone to facilitate access.

After performing the examination, running diagnostics, and checking your medical history, Dr. Tsvetov will discuss the findings with you, review your treatment options, and recommend your safest, most dependable course of action.

Put your oral health in the competent hands of Dr. Tsvetov who will guide you through the procedure, as well as conduct a diligent follow-up process to ensure you make swift recovery in preparation for your risk-free dental implant procedure.

The top benefits of seeing an oral surgeon

There are numerous benefits to going straight to a trusted oral surgeon who is the number one choice for patients dealing with dental emergencies across Temecula, Lake Elsinore, and other areas instead of consulting a general dentist on your dental issues:

  • Broader qualifications, expertise, and experience
  • Comprehensive solutions for your overall dental and overall health
  • Higher success rates
  • Cost-effective and time-efficient
  • A higher standard of commitment to you and your follow-up care

Oral surgeons do not solely resolve dental emergencies, but also complex cases of tooth and wisdom tooth extraction, jaw realignment, cosmetic surgeries, dental implants, cyst or tumor removals, broken jaw or facial bones, and more.


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What are my options following the extraction?

Dental extraction eliminates one problem, but an extracted tooth is a problem in its all right, which is where tooth replacement options come in. As far as reliable long-term tooth replacement options, dental implants are the optimal solution for the majority of clients.

Dr. Tsvetov will help you decide if this is the best option for the replacement of your extracted tooth and the restoration of your tooth function and appearance. You can call our Temecula office from your Lake Elsinore home any time to get all the information you need to make an informed decision for your future and in the best interest of your wellbeing.

Should I be concerned about an emergency tooth extraction?

When you are in good hands, there is nothing to worry about. Dr. Tsvetov will walk you through the process so you know just what to expect, how long the procedure and the recovery will take, as well as how soon you can have your dental implant procedure done.

Whether you need a one tooth extraction or multiple teeth extractions in Lake Elsinore and across the Temecula area, Dr. Tsvetov will put his best effort into the procedure to ensure a safe outcome and spare you health risks and complications.

Contact us for solid dental solutions to make you smile

Emergency situations can be frightening. But there is no room for panic when your dental and oral health is in the hands of an oral surgeon whom patients in Lake Elsinore and other communities across Temecula Valley turn to for lasting solutions, from complex emergency ortho serial, ortho premolar, and other types of extractions to premium quality dental implants.

Dr. Tsvetov is passionate about his job and committed to your wellbeing. Contact us now for more information on how he will use the latest in oral surgery to restore your health, your confidence and your smile.

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