How Your Smile Changes in Just One Day: Step by Step Process

Ever thought about giving your smile a complete makeover in just a day? Sounds like a tall order, right? However, thanks to Rancho Bernardo’s all-on-4 dentists and their innovative ‘smile in a day’ approach, it’s closer to reality than you’d think. This isn’t some fleeting dental trend. It’s a genuine, personal journey tailored to your needs. So, let’s walk through this day together, step-by-step, exploring every aspect of your smile makeover together.

How does smile-in-a-day work?Where in Rancho Bernardo can I find experienced all-on-4 dentists?  

All-in-4 procedure is all about giving you a fresh smile quickly and efficiently. Using a straightforward method involving only four dental implants, you can walk away with a fixed full-arch prosthesis in a single day. Intrigued? Let’s unwrap the details.

Step #1: Consultation & examination

Taking the first steps towards a vibrant, new smile begins with an in-depth check-up. Think of this as a team effort, in which you and your dentist work together to pinpoint the perfect treatment for you. Every detail is carefully considered, from hands-on digital impressions to insightful X-rays and a CT scan of your jaw, to precise 3D facial capture with a special camera to ensure you have the dental transformation you’re looking for.

Step #2: The procedure

A day you’ve circled on your calendar with great anticipation has finally arrived. Even though there’s surgery on the horizon, take comfort in knowing your dental team has everything in hand, ensuring a comfortable experience with the choice of a gentle local anesthetic or sedation.

As evening approaches, the transformation becomes more apparent. Those newly minted teeth are all set to dazzle, giving you a new sense of self-assurance. But, before you head out, your team will walk you through some essential aftercare pointers, making sure that captivating smile stays pristine and fresh.

Step #3: Healing and final bridge fitting

With the foundational implants snugly in place, nature takes over. It’s a period of healing and regeneration. It’s best to tread softly with food choices, starting with a light diet and slowly reintroducing regular meals mainly consisting of very soft and liquid foods. Over the next three months, there’s a subtle process happening beneath the surface. The jawline and gums are reshaping, with tissues mending and bones fusing into the implants. Once this transformation ends, you’ll get a set of teeth that fit your mouth’s new contours.

Step #4: Aftercare

Curious about maintaining those new dental implants? Here’s the scoop: 

  • Regular checks are key.
  • Take care of those brand-new teeth as carefully as the originals.
  • Keeping the gums around implants healthy requires regular brushing and water-flossing, especially under the bridge.

How painful is it?

How does smile-in-a-day work?

Venturing into surgical territories might conjure up images of discomfort. But with the all-on-4 procedure, those fears are largely unwarranted. Backed by anesthesia, optional sedation, and a post-procedure kit equipped with meds and mouthwashes, most side effects are kept at bay. Many who’ve walked this path have said the experience was relatively painless, with just a hint of discomfort that faded away in the echoes of their new-found confidence.

Where in Rancho Bernardo can I find experienced all-on-4 dentists? 

Taking charge of your dental health is an investment in your future. With the latest implant materials and a seamless restoration process, the results are stunning without compromising your implants

Count on our team to provide all the insights you need to make a decision that’s right for your long-term well-being. If you find that All-on-4 is your path forward, rest assured: Dr. Tsvetov, a trusted expert in Rancho Bernardo and the surrounding areas, with a proven track record with numerous satisfied patients. Reach out and book your appointment today!