The Role of All-On-4 Implants in Jaw Bone Preservation

Losing teeth isn’t just about looks; it hits your oral health hard, especially your jawbone. Sure, traditional dentures and bridges can fix the gap in your smile, but they don’t always stop the real problem: your bones wasting away underneath. And this isn’t just a small issue—it can lead to pain and trouble chewing properly. It can also lead to you not being able to get dental implants at all if you have no jaw bone left. But here’s the good news: All-on-4 implants are changing the game by actively combating jawbone deterioration

However, for those looking to take action, reaching out to expert All-on-4 dental specialists in Rancho Bernardo and the area could be your first step towards a healthier mouth and a more secure smile.

Do All-on-4 implants prevent bone loss?

Do All-on-4 implants prevent bone lossWhen someone loses a tooth, the once constant push and pull of daily activities like biting, chewing, and smiling no longer energizes the jawbone beneath where the tooth used to be. Without this regular stimulation, the bone starts to shrink and wear away. Dental implants mark a significant advancement, firmly bonding to the jawbone and gums through a procedure known as osseointegration.

This fusion allows for new bone to grow and wrap around the implants, facilitating a natural healing process. After this healing phase wraps up, the implant begins to function much like a natural tooth. As the person chews and bites, it channels that pressure right into the jawbone, offering the stimulation needed to protect it from wasting away.

Why is replacing missing teeth important?

By now, it’s clear that losing a tooth doesn’t just leave a gap in your smile; it also cuts off the vital signals that your jawbone needs to stay strong, leading to a gradual loss of bone mass known as resorption. In turn, this weakening can alter your facial structure, giving you a more aged appearance. Using All-on-4 implants mitigates these issues thanks to:

  • Stimulation: Just like real tooth roots, the implants stimulate the jawbone, keeping it strong and preventing it from thinning.
  • Keeping your bone healthy: All-on-4 procedures contribute to maintaining your bone volume, ensuring your facial structure stays true to its natural form.
  • Slowing down bone atrophy: This type of dental restoration has long been proven to slow down bone degradation, creating a healthier environment for your mouth.

Is All-on-4 better than traditional dentures?

In contrast to traditional dentures, which can sometimes put excessive pressure on the jaw and speed up bone loss, the All-on-4 technique offers a clever alternative. By using just four strategically placed dental implants to support a full set of new teeth, it mimics the natural pressure your real teeth exert on your jawbone. On the other hand, traditional dentures might not be as comfortable. They can shift and move around, which often causes discomfort if they’re not fitted perfectly. This instability can interfere with good oral hygiene practices and make it challenging to enjoy a well-rounded diet. If someone has a set of dentures for the upper and lower jaw, their ability to chew food is 10% of what it is with natural teeth. With the All-on-4 fixed bridge attached to 4 implants, that ability to chew goes up to 90-95%.

Why is replacing missing teeth importantWhere can I find all-on-4 dental experts in Rancho Bernardo?

Although out of sight, the health of your jawbone, or the lack thereof, can show up in many obvious ways. But there’s no need to worry! Dr. Tsvetov is here to not only restore your glowing smile but also to protect the health of your jawbone for the future. As a dentist with a keen eye for detail and a compassionate approach, he specializes in dental implants as well as other cutting-edge procedures.

Whether you’re weighing your options between implants and dentures, have questions about sedation, or simply want to learn more, Dr. Tsvetov is more than willing to help you navigate through your concerns. Just give us a call and we’ll set up an appointment that works with your schedule, no matter where you are in Rancho Bernardo!