The Importance of Dental Implants After Teeth Extractions

Close Up of Female with Large Toothed SmileToday, more and more Riverside County patients are choosing dental implants as their teeth replacement system after having teeth surgically extracted. And it isn’t just because they look great, and allow you to chew and eat anything you want.

Dental implants offer more than beautiful aesthetics and complete oral functionality. They also help to ensure that your jawbone doesn’t shrink, which could result in facial structure changes. Keep reading to learn more.

What You Didn’t Know Happens When You Have a Tooth Extracted

When you have a tooth extracted, obviously it’s no longer in place. And if it’s in a visible spot, you likely want to have it replaced to restore your former smile. But even teeth that are way in the back of your mouth should be replaced after tooth extractions.

The reason is that your tooth root does more than simply hold your tooth in place. It also stimulates the growth of your jawbone. When you have your natural teeth intact, everything is fine. But as soon as you have teeth extractions, that jawbone stimulation ceases. And without being stimulated, your jawbone’s natural reaction is to resorb, or shrink.

The Dangers of a Shrinking Jawbone

There are two main things that Riverside County dental implants patients should be aware of about jawbone resorption. First, if your jawbone shrinks too much after your teeth are extracted, it can complicate the placement of implants in the future. You may need a series of pre-surgeries called a bone graft to “regrow” the jawbone tissue you lost while your teeth were missing from your jaw.

Secondly, if your jawbone does shrink, it can begin to change your facial structure. This can result in a mouth or cheeks that appear more hollowed out. Clearly, in this case, your missing teeth are doing more than impacting your smile and oral functionality, but also changing your entire facial appearance

How Dental Implants Prevent Jawbone Resorption

Some patients have dental implants placed the same day as their teeth extractions. Others have Dr. Tsvetov of Riverside County’s Temecula Oral Facial Surgery perform socket preservation at the time of the teeth extractions to protect their jawbone tissue until it’s ready to accept implants. Either way, once the implant is placed, there’s no further risk of a shrinking jawbone.

The reason – the titanium rod that is inserted into your jawbone during implant placement functions as your natural tooth root. More than simply holding your tooth-looking crown in place, it fuses with your jawbone tissue and stimulates your jawbone growth. This means that Riverside county implants patients who opt for immediate implant placement, or socket preservation before implant placement, won’t risk losing jawbone tissue or facial structure appearance by having teeth surgically extracted.

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Whether you have more questions about the content of this blog, you think you’ve already lost some jawbone tissue and are experiencing facial structure changes, or you have any other questions about getting implants after teeth extractions, Dr. Tsvetov is here to help.

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