5 Reasons Dental Implants Are the Most Popular Treatment Option for Missing Teeth Today

Smiling Middle Aged Female in Striped ShirtRiverside County dental patients who are missing teeth have a variety of tooth replacement options to choose from. If they’re missing just one tooth here or there, they can choose a bridge. If they’re missing an entire arch full of teeth, they can opt for dentures. And whether they’re missing just a few teeth or an entire mouthful of teeth, they can always choose dental implants, too.

Despite the variety of options, in today’s day and age, dental implants are by far the most popular solution chosen by Riverside County patients to replace missing teeth. Why? Here are 5 of the most common reasons patients report choosing implants over other tooth replacement options.

  1. You Can Chew and Eat Anything With Dental Implants
    Perhaps the most popular reason that Riverside County dental patients choose implants is that they completely restore your chewing and biting functionality. With implants, you can eat anything you want, whether it be sticky and chewy taffy or hard and crunchy peanut brittle.
  2. Implants Are Designed to Last a Lifetime
    Bridges and dentures have a shelf life. Depending on when you have them placed, you’ll need to have them replaced over time.Dental implants, however, are meant to last a lifetime. As long as you care for them properly by brushing twice daily, flossing once a day, refraining from smoking, and keeping your biannual dentist appointments, you can expect never to have to replace implants.
  3. Implants Keep You from Losing Jaw Bone Tissue
    As some Riverside County dental patients are already aware, when you’re missing teeth, your jawbone tissue shrinks. That’s because your teeth’s roots actually stimulate your jawbone’s growth. Jawbone tissue loss will occur whether you have bridges or dentures. But because implants include a titanium rod that is inserted into your jawbone, it functions as a tooth root, stimulating your jawbone tissue and preventing bone resorption from occurring.
  4. Implants Are More Realistic Looking than Bridges or Dentures
    If you’re going to invest in a new smile, you want it to be one you’re happy to flash all over town. With their realistic-looking tooth crowns, dental implants offer patients the most authentic looking tooth replacement system out there. In fact, you can have an entire mouthful of implants, and no one would be the wiser unless you told them!
  5. Implants Are Permanent, So They Won’t Slip and Slide Like Dentures
    A common complaint that Riverside County dental patients have about dentures is that they tend to slip and slide when you’re eating or even talking. But, because implants are a permanent solution that are fused to your jawbone, they don’t move! You don’t remove implants at night before you go to sleep, and you don’t have to worry about them shifting as you eat your favorite foods or have a conversation.

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