5 Important Questions to Ask Your Oral Surgeon

Woman With Big Green EyesWhether you’re getting dental implants, having your wisdom teeth removed, or need another oral surgery, it’s always important to know what you’re getting into before surgery day. That’s why Dr. Tsvetov of Temecula Facial Oral Surgery recommends patients always come to their pre-op appointment prepared with a list of questions to ask their oral surgeon. If you’ve never had oral surgery before, here are the top 5 questions Dr. Tsvetov recommends you ask before surgery day.

  1. What Will My Oral Surgery Entail?
    Even if you get a little woozy thinking about medical procedures, it’s important to ask Dr. Tsvetov what your procedure will entail, so you have a basic understanding of the procedure. For example, if you’re having your wisdom teeth extracted, will they simply be removed, or do you have impacted teeth that need to be removed, too? Knowledge is power and often helps to ease surgery fears for Riverside County patients with dental anxiety.
  2. Do I Need One Procedure or Multiple Procedures to Achieve My End Results?
    Some surgeries – like removing an infected tooth – are a one-stop-shop. Riverside County patients simply come into Temecula Facial Oral Surgery, choose their numbing or sedation option, and have their tooth removed. Other oral surgeries, such as a jawbone graft, require your oral surgeon to perform multiple procedures spread out among several months. Make sure you know just how many procedures you’ll need to achieve your end results and the estimated time frame from start to finish.
  3. How Long Will My Procedure Last?
    Many of Dr. Tsvetov Riverside County patients are scheduling their oral surgeries in between their daily responsibilities, such as work, school, or caring for children. Regardless of how simple or complicated you anticipate your oral surgery to be, it’s important to ask your oral surgeon how long he or she estimates your procedure will last, and how long you’ll need for immediate recovery. This will allow you to take ample time off from your daily activities, and arrange for PTO, a school excuse, or babysitting if needed.
  4. What Numbing or Sedation Options Will Be Available to Me?
    All Riverside County patients who need oral surgery want to know they’ll be as comfortable as possible during their procedure. After all, for many of oral surgeon Dr. Tsvetov’s patients, oral surgery is their first experience with any kind of surgery. At Temecula Facial and Oral Surgery, we offer a variety of numbing and sedation options, including local anesthesia (which everyone receives), nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) for patients who want to stay awake during their procedures but have a little something to help calm them down, or IV sedation options to put you completely asleep during your oral surgery.
  5. Will I Be on a Restricted Diet After my Oral Surgery?
    It’s extremely important that you and your oral surgeon are on the same page as to what dietary restrictions you will have after your oral surgery. In the case of tooth extractions, typically you are put on a liquid diet, but are unable to use a straw as doing so may cause a complication known as dry socket – when the tiny blood clot that naturally forms over your exposed jawbone becomes dislodged. Other oral surgeries may allow you to use straws, or even eat soft foods like applesauce, yogurt, or scrambled eggs after your procedure.

Learn More About Your Upcoming Oral Surgery

Whether you’re already scheduled for a procedure with Dr. Tsvetov, or you know you need oral surgery and are looking for a stellar Riverside County oral surgeon to perform the procedure, we’re always here to help and answer your questions.

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