3 Reasons Why an Oral Surgeon Should Perform Complex Tooth Extractions Instead of a Dentist

Young Blond Female Smiling At CameraTooth extractions aren’t always so straightforward that your general dentist can perform the oral surgery. Whether you have a tooth that is severely diseased, significantly fractured, or you want to have socket preservation performed so that dental implants can be more easily placed, often times it’s best to work with an oral surgeon for the extraction instead of a general dentist. Here’s a more detailed explanation of why you’d want Dr. Tsvetov to perform the oral surgery instead of your general dentist.

  1. Choosing an Oral Surgeon When You Have a Badly Diseased Tooth
    Sometimes an X-ray or other advanced dental imaging can reveal that you have a tooth that is so badly decayed that surgically extracting it is going to be more complicated than your typical tooth extraction. In this case, Riverside County residents should work with a skilled oral surgeon like Dr. Tsvetov of Temecula Facial Oral Surgery, so he can carefully plan and perform your tooth extraction – as well as provide you with the best comfort care during your procedure. A general dentist is often not trained to perform this complicated of a tooth extraction.
  2. Using an Oral Surgeon Instead of a Dentist When Your Tooth is Extremely Fractured
    There are a variety of reasons teeth can become fractured, including biting down too hard on a crunchy food like peanut brittle or incurring a facial injury. If you have a simple fracture, a general dentist can typically extract your tooth. But if dental images reveal that your fracture is more complex or that you have multiple fractures in your tooth, then working with Riverside County’s Dr. Tsvetov is highly recommended.
  3. Wanting Oral Surgery in Which Your Tooth is Extracted and Socket Preservation is Performed at the Same Time
    A final reason why you would want to work with Riverside County’s Dr. Tsvetov versus a general dentist is if you want the tooth extracted and socket preservation performed at the same time, to make the placement of dental implants easier down the road. Dr. Tsvetov is highly skilled at performing socket preservation, which keeps your jawbone tissue intact, so once you’ve healed from your extraction, you can more easily have dental implants placed.

Learning More About How Riverside County’s Dr. Tsvetov Can Help You

Many locals never anticipate they’ll need oral surgery until a toothache or a facial injury leads them to look for a local oral surgeon. If you’re curious about how Dr. Tsvetov can assist you through tooth extractions – as well as a variety of other oral surgery procedures – simply call us to learn more. We’re happy to explain the various oral surgeries performed at Temecula Facial Oral Surgery and, if you’ve been told by your general dentist that you need oral surgery performed, schedule a consultation appointment for you so that Dr. Tsvetov can evaluate your mouth and presenting issue, take images, and prepare a personalized treatment plan for you.

To learn more, call Temecula Facial Oral Surgery today at (951) 302-9100.