3 Main Advantages of Teeth in a Day

Mature Man Carrying M Many Riverside County dental patients consult with Dr. Tsvetov of Temecula Facial Oral Surgery about the teeth in a day dental implants procedure. These patients are curious to learn if they’re candidates for the procedure, and if so, what the benefits are.

As Dr. Tsvetov explains, the advantages of teeth in a day are plenty. Here’s a quick overview for you to learn how you can benefit from the teeth in a day procedure if Dr. Tsvetov deems you an eligible patient for the procedure.

  1. Leave Dr. Tsvetov’s Office With an Entire Full Arch of Dental Implants in Just 4 Hours
    The teeth in a day process is designed to replace an entire full arch of teeth, using just 4 titanium implants per arch. The idea is that thanks to the help of computer imaging, your mouth has been recreated on screen and the entire surgery has been pre-planned digitally before you even walk in the office to have implants placed. From the advanced dental images that Riverside County’s Dr. Tsvetov’s team takes, bridges of tooth-looking crowns are placed, which screw into the 4 strategically placed implants in your arch – with the 2 posterior implants being inserted at an angle.The entire process of replacing an arch full of unsalvageable teeth with a new smile full of dental implants can take as few as 4 hours. For patients needing both their upper and lower arches of teeth replaced, appointments may be spaced out as few as one week so that in just 7 days, you’ll have an entire mouthful of new teeth!
  2. Reduce Your Risk for Jaw Bone Loss and Facial Structure Changes
    If you have missing teeth, the lack of tooth roots in your jawbone causes your jawbone to resorb, or shrink. For patients who are missing a significant number of teeth, jawbone resorption can be so severe that it causes changes to the facial structure and ultimately, noticeable changes to your face around your mouth and cheeks.However, when implants are placed through teeth in a day, the titanium rods help to stimulate jawbone growth. This means that the jawbone doesn’t shrink anymore, and you reduce the risk of having facial structure changes as a result of jawbone tissue loss.
  3. Reduce the Odds You’ll Need Pre-Surgeries Like Sinus Lifts to Have Upper Arch Dental Implants Placed
    A final reason that Riverside County patients love teeth in a day is that, for those patients who are having their upper teeth replaced, sinus lifts are rarely needed. This pre-surgery is called for sometimes when implants are being placed because the length of a typical dental implant is so long, it invades the sinus cavity. Not only does this require a pre-surgery, but it also delays you achieving your final results. Because the posterior dental implants are angled with teeth in a day, they rarely invade a Riverside County patient’s sinus cavities. This means that upper arch teeth may be able to be placed with no pre-surgeries needed!

Learning More About the Benefits of Teeth in a Day

If you think you’re a good candidate for teeth in a day, the best way to find out how they’ll specifically benefit you and your unique case is to talk to Dr. Tsvetov himself.

To schedule an initial appointment to screen you for eligibility and plan your oral surgery, call Riverside County’s Temecula Facial Oral Surgery today at (951) 302-9100.