3 Common Reasons You May Need an Oral Surgeon

Portrait Of Happy Family In GardenMany Riverside County residents have never had any type of surgery at all. So, when they find out they need oral surgery to take care of a dental need, they’re surprised. However, there are actually quite a few common reasons why you may need a local oral surgeon to help you with your dental care. Here are 3 of the most common reasons.

  1. You Need a Tooth Extracted

There are a variety of reasons why patients may need a tooth extracted by an oral surgeon. One is if the tooth is too diseased to be saved by a root canal. Another is if the tooth has been fractured beyond repair. And a final reason is if the tooth is growing into your other teeth, and impacting your smile.

Dr. Tsvetov of Temecula Facial Oral Surgery performs tooth extractions all the time. And he helps Riverside County residents be as comfortable as possible during the process by offering a variety of anesthetic and sedation options, including local anesthesia (which everyone receives), nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) for patients who want to stay awake during their procedure but have a little something to take the edge off, and IV sedation for patients who want to be completely asleep during their tooth extraction.

Tooth extraction is a quick and fairly easy  procedure and in many cases can be done right after a consultation in one appointment. Typically,  Dr. Tsvetov needs no more than 5-10 minutes to extract a tooth

  1. You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Whether you’re in your teens or 20’s when they appear, might  get your wisdom teeth. And if you’re like most Riverside County patients, getting your wisdom teeth is going to be uncomfortable. It might be that the process of your wisdom teeth erupting is just too painful to bear. Or perhaps your wisdom teeth are impacted and affecting your other teeth, your smile or your oral health.

Most people end up finding an oral surgeon to get their wisdom teeth removed. If you’re in that phase of life, Dr. Tsvetov can help you become pain-free and maintain that smile you have that you already love.

Wisdom teeth removal is a routine and fairly quick procedure. It usually does not take longer than 30 minutes to remove all four of your wisdom teeth.

  1. You Want to Get Dental Implants

For one reason or another, some patients lose teeth. It may be that your teeth became diseased or fractured beyond saving. Or you have lost teeth to an injury or periodontal disease.

Whatever the reason, most patients want to work with an oral surgeon to have their teeth replaced. And the best available option to replace missing teeth are dental implants.

The dental implants surgery involves placing a titanium post into your jawbone (which will act as the tooth root) and covering that rod with a realistic-looking tooth crown. As an experienced oral surgeon, Dr. Tsvetov has helped countless patients with this procedure.

Learn More About Oral Surgeries You May Need

There are a variety of other reasons why Riverside County residents may need oral surgery, either now or in the future. And if that time does eventually come, Dr. Tsvetov of Temecula Facial Oral Surgery is here to help. Simply call his practice today to learn more at (951) 302-9100.