10 Conditions That Oral Surgeons Treat

Mature Couple Touching Foreheads and SmilingFor most of Dr. Tsvetov’s Riverside County patients, oral surgery is the first and only kind of surgery they’ve ever needed to have. Therefore, it’s very common for patients to be unaware of all the conditions that an oral surgeon like Dr. Tsvetov treats.

To help you become more educated on the field of oral surgery, here’s a list of 10 conditions that oral surgeons like Dr. Tsvetov treat:

  1. Tooth Extractions
    Whether your body just so happens to have grown extra teeth, or you have a diseased tooth that is beyond saving through a root canal, sometimes Riverside County patients need a tooth surgically extracted. Oral surgeons like Dr. Tsvetov are specifically trained in this procedure and perform it frequently.
  2. Socket Preservation
    If you need a tooth surgically extracted, you may quickly lose jawbone tissue at the surgical site. This is because your tooth’s root stimulates your jawbone’s growth. Oral surgeons who know their patients will later have dental implants placed often perform tooth extractions with socket preservation – an oral surgery procedure designed to preserve your jawbone tissue as your body heals so that a dental implant can eventually be placed.
  3. Wisdom Teeth Extractions
    Most Riverside County patients require wisdom teeth extraction, either because their wisdom teeth crowd their existing smile, are painful, or impacted. For practitioners like Dr. Tsvetov, wisdom teeth extractions are a routine procedure offered to patients who are teens or young adults.
  4. Dental Implants Placement
    Whether you’ve lost a tooth or multiple teeth to infections or fractures, or you want a total smile makeover, many Riverside County patients choose dental implants as a permanent tooth replacement system. A procedure that involves placing a titanium rod to act as your tooth root, then covering it with a realistic-looking tooth crown, dental implants are quickly becoming the #1 tooth replacement system on the oral surgery market.
  5. Sinus Lifts
    Sometimes before you can have dental implants placed in your upper jaw, you need to have a sinus lift, first. This is because your sinus cavity is too low for the titanium rod of a dental implant to be placed. A pre-surgery for dental implants, a sinus lift moves your sinus cavity up so that a dental implant’s titanium rod can be placed in your jawbone without invading your sinus cavity.
  6. Bone Grafting
    If you’ve had a tooth or teeth missing for a while and then decide to get dental implants, it’s possible that your jawbone tissue has shrunk. In order to make dental implants successful, you might need a bone grafting to help “regrow” jawbone tissue so that your dental implants will fuse with your jawbone.
  7. Soft Tissue Grafting
    Sometimes Riverside County patients need soft tissue grafting, such as when your gum tissue is not the sufficient size to support dental implants. Dr. Tsvetov routinely performs this procedure.
  8. Pre-Prosthetic Surgery
    If you’ve chosen to have dentures placed, it’s possible that you’ll need one or a series of pre-surgeries to prepare your mouth for them. These may include a bone smoothing and reshaping, removal of excess jawbone tissue, bone ridge reduction, removal of excess gum tissue, and exposing currently impacted teeth.
  9. Oral Pathology
    Sometimes your oral surgeon just may save your life. If you have warning signs of oral cancer, Dr. Tsvetov can remove the tissue so it can be biopsied and, if determined to be cancerous, a treatment plan can be formed.
  10. Impacted Canines
    If you have a canine tooth that hasn’t erupted on its own, it could be impacted. For the best smile aesthetics and tooth functionality, your practitioner can perform surgery to cause this unerupted tooth to erupt.

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