4 Reasons for a Tooth Extraction Before Dental Implant Procedure

A common question that dental implant specialists in Rancho Bernardo and the area often face is whether removing existing teeth is necessary before undergoing the procedure. Although the answer varies, a lot depends on the specific circumstances of your oral health. 

In the following blog, we’re going to discuss the best timing for implants, address the concern of living without teeth for a while, and examine the reasons why tooth extraction might be needed. Read on!

Do teeth have to be removed for implants?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, there are several reasons why tooth extraction might be necessary:Do teeth have to be removed for implants

1. Irreparable damage

Extraction may be necessary when teeth are severely damaged and beyond repair. This ensures that they have a solid and healthy base to sit on, something that’s not possible with compromised existing teeth.

2. Periodontal disease

When gum disease progresses to an advanced stage, also known as periodontal disease, it can cause teeth to become loose or even fall out. In these situations, removing the affected teeth might be required to get rid of the infection, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for the restoration process.

3. Insufficient space

There are instances where your mouth may be too crowded to fit dental implants, particularly if you plan to replace multiple teeth. In such cases, extraction might be needed to free up enough space.

4. Alignment issues

When teeth are not properly aligned or are too close together, it can compromise both the functionality and appearance of your implants. Often, extracting some of these and receiving orthodontic care are necessary steps to prepare your mouth for successful implant placement.

Do you have to go without teeth while waiting for implants?

The concern of living with missing teeth is common among those thinking about dental implants. Thankfully, this is usually not an issue, as there are a few safe ways to avoid it. Here’s how: 

  • Immediate implants: The advantage of same-day implants is their efficiency – less time for you in the dentist’s chair and a shorter path to treatment completion. Typically, you can have a tooth extracted, an implant placed, and a temporary crown fitted all within a single day. This method is especially common for teeth that are already damaged and need removal. 
  • Temporary restorations: If the immediate placement of implants isn’t an option for you, your dentist can offer temporary solutions to bridge the gap while your mouth heals and prepares for the final implant. These temporary restorations could be in the form of dentures or bridges, designed to fit comfortably and blend in with your natural teeth, ensuring that your smile remains intact and functional during the healing process.

How long can an implant be placed after a tooth extraction?

Deciding on the right time for dental implants requires careful evaluation of a few crucial elements. First, there’s the healing period for the socket, which could be anywhere from several weeks to a few months and is vital for a full recovery. Next is the bone density at the implant site, which determines its stability. Sometimes, if the bone quality is not adequate, you might need a bone graft to reinforce it. And let’s not forget the overall health of your mouth – the condition of your other teeth and gums matter too.

Do you have to go without teeth while waiting for implantsWho is the best dental implant specialist in Rancho Bernardo and the area?

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