What to do if you do not have enough bone for implant placement? Read on to see how we reconstruct your jawbone.

Patient presented to my office with an abscess involving tooth #8.  As can be seen from the radiograph, a very large periapical lesion is associated with the tooth.  The lesion has destroyed a lot of bone, making immediate implant placement impossible in this situation.

Tooth #8 was extracted and the periapical cyst biopsied.  Results of the biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of a large, infected periapical cyst.  Followup imaging at 3 months reveals a healing bone defect, but still not enough bone for placement of implant.

After 3 more months of healing the defect is smaller, but still not enough bone to place an implant.

Onlay bone grafting utilizing cadaver bone and membrane with tacks was performed.  Four months after the bone graft, patient now has enough bone to allow for placement of implant.

Implant is placed and the patient is looking forward to having it restored.