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the placement of dental implants

How do dental implants work?

Together with natural-looking dental crowns, dental implants are used to replace a tooth or sets of teeth. The implants themselves take the place of the missing tooth roots, while dental crowns assume the function of the teeth. The dental implants, made using high-quality titanium, are attached to the patient’s jawbone.

These titanium rods merge with the jawbone following a healing period of up to 3 months, at which point the crowns are placed on top of the implants. The implants keep the crowns firmly and securely in place, making them a safe and dependable long-term solution.

Here at Temecula Facial Oral Surgery, patients can schedule a free consultation with Dr. Tsvetov, a trusted and experienced dental implants specialist in Winchester and other areas across Riverside County. He will carefully examine your teeth and advise you on the best solution for your dental health.

Why do patients opt for dental implants?

Losing one’s natural teeth can have a devastating effect on a person’s physical appearance, self-confidence, and self-esteem. It takes the pleasure away from eating and makes chewing barely manageable or altogether impossible. Lastly, it can take a toll on a person’s physical and mental health. Risks range from issues with the gums, jaw, and the digestive tract caused by gumming down food to developing depression.

All in all, the impact of losing your teeth or even a single tooth on your quality of life will be impossible to ignore, as every single aspect of your life will be affected, one way or another.

But sophisticated modern solutions in the form of custom-made dental implants can put an end to all that. As a result of decades of advancements in implant technology, modern dental implants are the next best thing to one’s own natural teeth.

Benefits of undergoing dental implant treatment in Winchester & the area

Aside from being safe, effective, and reliable, dental implants offer a range of other lasting benefits:

  • A whopping 95% long-term success rate
  • Simple and easy care and maintenance
  • Prevention of jaw tissue damage, degeneration, deterioration and bone loss
  • Multiple anesthesia options, including being completely sedated throughout the procedure
  • Brief recovery and healing process
  • Custom-made dental crowns
  • Enhances denture retention of conventional denture
  • Improved jaw functionality and chewing efficiency
  • Aesthetic benefits and a boost of confidence
  • Greater reliability than with mini dental implants

For patients from Winchester and other areas interested in dental implants in Temecula Valley, consulting Dr. Tsvetov is the best and safest choice. Undergoing the life-changing dental implant procedure was the best decision our patients from Perris, Winchester, and other areas in Temecula and beyond ever made. It’s time you became one of them.

Am I a good candidate for dental implants?

Dr. Tsvetov is a leading dental implant specialist who can determine with certainty whether you are eligible for dental implants or if you should consider other options.

Here are some factors to take into account:

  • Dental implants cannot counteract jawbone deterioration and loss: their primary purpose is to preserve tissue, but they are not capable of restoring missing tissue.
  • Patients with jawbone deterioration may still be eligible for dental implants, but they will require a bone grafting procedure beforehand, making the overall process longer, more expensive, and more complicated.

Consult Winchester’s competent dental implant specialist today

If you’re tired of covering your mouth with your hand out of embarrassment for missing a tooth or several, you’ve come to the right place. At Temecula Facial Oral Surgery, we offer you the opportunity to solve your dental problems for good and restore your ability to enjoy food, laugh, and feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror.

If you are intrigued by the possibility of getting dental implants and all the benefits this procedure offers, you will be pleased to know that we offer a free consultation. The consultation covers a detailed examination of your teeth and jaw, X-ray and Cone Beam scans, going over your medical history and clinical situation, as well as discussing your best options for treatment and prognosis.

Dr. Tsvetov is an experienced, highly qualified, and board-certified, and AAOMS-acknowledged oral and maxillofacial surgeon whom you can trust to restore your dental health and your smile. He will be pleased to help you understand the dental implant procedure in detail, as well as address any questions or concerns you may have. Schedule your initial appointment today!


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