Beneficial Dental Implants in Perris, CA

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What to expect from dental implants

Dental implant procedures are an advanced treatment that brings a multitude of benefits to patients who struggle with dental issues. During the procedure, your oral surgeon will place tiny rods made from titanium into your jaw and create a strong base for inserting dental caps or crowns. You can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth with dental implants.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable dentist and implant specialist in Perris, look no further than Temecula Facial Oral Surgery. Owing to the experience and expertise of Dmitry Tsvetov, one of the best maxillofacial and oral surgeons in the area, we are able to provide our patients with highly professional and beneficial dental implant procedures. Call us and schedule your free appointment today!

What are the advantages of dental implants in Perris?

A dental implant procedure, if done right, can improve the quality of your life in multiple ways. Here’s how you can benefit from quality Perris dental implants:

  • Dental implants have high long-term success rates (higher than 95%), which is much better than that of bridges and root canals
  • Dental implants can be placed into your jaw quite easily and the crown can be placed on top after only three months
  • Your dental implants won’t shift, move, or slip while you chew or eat because they will become fused with your jawbone
  • Dental implants will provide enough tissue stimulation and prevent the deterioration and degeneration of the jawbone.
  • We offer several anesthesia options (local, general, and intravenous sedation) that can minimize the discomfort and pain you may feel during the treatment.
  • Your dental implants will look just like natural teeth once they are fully healed (typically after three months)
  • Dental implants will give you a confidence boost and increase the quality of your life
  • Your tooth structure won’t have to be removed during the dental implant procedure, meaning that adjacent teeth won’t be weakened and the bone will be preserved.
  • Unlike mini dental implants or snap-in dentures, standard dental implants are highly stable and durable, offering little chance for complications

The only way to experience all the benefits of dental implants in Perris, CA is to choose the right oral surgeon. Dr. Tsvetov is a highly qualified professional with years of industry experience, so don’t hesitate to rely on him for a comfortable and highly successful dental implant experience.

How are dentures attached to implants?

Wearing dentures can cause your jawbone to melt away over time. This is a natural process that happens when the jawbone atrophies when not supporting natural teeth. Jawbone resorption will cause the base of your dentures to become less sturdy and stable, which can cause varying levels of discomfort while you eat or chew.

If you have snap-in dentures and worry that they will become wobbly or weakened, consider scheduling a consultation with a reliable dental implant Perris specialist. Placing dental implants will help anchor the dentures to the jawbone, improving your chewing efficiency by as much as 30 percent and enhancing the appearance of your smile in the process. At Temecula Facial Oral Surgery, we use advanced methods and equipment to help with unstable dentures, including CT Scans, L-PRF, as well as Itero digital impressions. 

Why should I get dental implants?

Patients who have missing teeth can greatly benefit from dental implants if they rely on a dependable dentist and implant specialist in Perris. If you have doubts about getting the implants, think about the following considerations:

  • When you have missing teeth, your jawbone won’t receive enough stimulation during chewing, which can result in significant bone degradation.
  • If the degradation goes too far, you may need to undergo bone reconstruction or grafting which can make the process more difficult and expensive.
  • Your facial profile may become altered if the bone melts or degrades too much.
  • You likely won’t have to replace them because they’re more lasting than the alternatives, including snap-in dentures.

If you’re located in Perris, schedule a free consultation with our experienced dental implants specialist, Dr. Tsvetov is more than qualified to improve your dental health by replacing the crown and root of your tooth and stimulating the jawbone tissue. Whether you have one or more missing teeth, you can rely on him to bring you the most benefits from the dental implant procedure.

The #1 dentist and dental implant specialist in Perris

If you are looking for a reliable professional for your dental implants procedure, don’t hesitate to depend on Dr. Tsvetov. Relying on years of experience in the field, he will consider your medical history and current dental health to devise an approach that is highly effective for preventing excessive deterioration of your jawbone. However, keep in mind that dental implants may not be the best option If you suffer from severe deterioration, as this may require additional procedures such as bone grafting.

No matter what your specific case may be, you can expect Dr. Tsvetov, an implant specialist certified by AAOMS and ABOM to carefully inspect your teeth and tissue and determine if bone grafting is needed. We can also help you by offering free Cone Beam Scans and X-rays, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Forget about snap-in dentures and other outdated solutions. We’re here for clients from Perris and the vicinity to offer you a functional new smile.


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