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the placement of dental implants

Dental implants: how do they work?

Dental implant surgeries are one of the most important advances in dental science. The procedure involves the insertion of small titanium posts into the patient’s jaw, which creates a base for the subsequent placement of crowns (caps). Dental implants can replace one or more of your teeth permanently.

In order for your implants to be optimally beneficial, you should depend on a qualified and experienced dentist or implant specialist in Fallbrook and the area. At Temecula Facial Oral Surgery, we rely on the vast knowledge and experience of Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov, a reputable oral and maxillofacial surgeon qualified to perform a wide range of expert dental procedures, both simple and complex. Schedule your free consultation today!

How can dental implants benefit you?

When performed by a qualified professional, a dental implant procedure in Fallbrook can bring a wide variety of benefits. These include:

  • Dental implants have demonstrated a long-term success rate of above 95%, a much higher score than root canal treatments and bridges.
  • Dental implants are easily placed into the patient’s jaw, while the crown can typically be inserted on top of the implant after approximately three months.
  • There will be no slipping, shifting, or moving during eating or chewing as your implants will fuse to your jawbone.
  • When you get dental implants, they will stimulate the tissue of your jawbone, preventing its degeneration and deterioration.
  • Your dental implant procedure can be performed with different anesthesia options, specifically local or general anesthesia and intravenous sedation.
  • Dental implants look natural after the healing period has passed (3 months in most cases).
  • By getting dental implants, you will regain confidence in your smile, which will in turn improve your quality of life.
  • A dental implant procedure doesn’t require removing healthy tooth structure, which is the case with dental bridges.
  • Your dental implants will be extremely durable and perfectly safe, which is not always the case with mini dental implants.

If you wish to reap all of the benefits that dental implants offer, you will need to choose your oral surgeon in Fallbrook carefully. Luckily, you won’t have to search for too long, as the experience of Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov is known far and wide across the area. He is an experienced and highly qualified dental specialist who can provide you with a beneficial and long-lasting dental implants experience.

Can you get dental implants If you have dentures?

Many patients with dentures suffer from jawbone resorption and atrophy. This natural process occurs when your jawbone starts melting away because it doesn’t support natural teeth. This reduces the amount of stable and healthy bone to which your dentures can attach.

If done by Fallbrook’s qualified dental implant specialist, implants can anchor down your denture to the jawbone, which will improve the functionality of the dentures immensely. This will also make chewing and eating easier by improving the chewing efficiency up to 30 percent.

If you choose Temecula Valley Facial Oral Surgery for your procedure, we will use cutting edge equipment and techniques, including L-PRF, Itero digital impressions, and CT scans.

Why would you need dental implants?

A procedure done by a skilled dentist or implant specialist can improve your quality of life in several ways if you have one or more missing teeth. Here is why:

  • Without teeth to support, your jawbone will receive little stimulation which can cause bone resorption and decrease your chewing efficiency
  • Bone grafting or reconstruction may be needed if the bone degradation is excessive, which can make the entire procedure more expensive and complex
  • Bone melting and degradation can alter your facial profile significantly

If you are a Fallbrook resident who needs help with their missing teeth, contact Temecula Facial Oral Surgery today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Tsvetov, the leading dental implants specialist in the area. He will replace the root and crown of your missing tooth with high-quality implants, offering ample stimulation to your jawbone and enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

Rely on the #1 Fallbrook dental implants specialist

As an ABOMS and AAOMS-certified specialist, Doctor Dmitry Tsvetov can maximize the benefits of your dental implant procedure. In order to achieve long-lasting results, he will carefully evaluate both your current and past dental health issues and determine the best approach for your needs.

Dr. Tsvetov will also perform all the needed inspections to determine if you will need additional procedures like bone grafting. What’s more, you will also get a free X-ray and Cone Beam Scan if you schedule a free consultation with us. All you have to do is give us a call!


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