Feel Like Yourself Again with Dental Implants in Bonsall, CA

the placement of dental implants

How do dental implants work and who needs them?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, made to take the place and the function of your natural tooth roots. These durable, high-quality titanium posts combined with customized dental crowns are designed to be a lasting solution for teeth replacement. Dental crowns are made after a dental impression is taken. They are made to look, function, and feel like your natural teeth and will then be attached to your dental implants. Dental implants will keep the crowns securely and firmly in place.

Whether you are already missing a tooth or fear that tooth decay will inevitably lead to tooth loss, getting a dental implant in Bonsall is the nearly ideal way to solve the problem for good and preserve or restore the functionality of your teeth and jaw.

Dental implants & dental health

Unlike some traditional tooth replacement methods, dental implants do not cause harm to the surrounding healthy teeth and jaw tissue. In fact, one of their essential functions is to preserve your jaw tissue and stop its degradation without causing damage to the surrounding healthy teeth and tissue. Not only does this enable you to restore your ability to eat and chew, but it also gives you back your natural facial appearance, all while avoiding facial bone loss associated with missing teeth.

At Temecula Facial Oral Surgery, you can get a free consultation on your prospective procedure based on a comprehensive examination by a dental implant specialist in the Bonsall area. Dr. Tsvetov will give you his honest recommendation and help you decide whether receiving dental implants would be a decision in the best interest of your long-term health.

Why are dental implants a popular choice among patients?

If you are considering getting dental implants, you are already on the right path to making a right choice regarding your dental health. For our many patients from Bonsall and across Temecula Valley, undergoing this procedure has truly been a life-changing experience.

Benefits of undergoing dental implant treatment in Bonsall & the area:

  • A greater level of long-term dependability when compared to mini dental implants
  • High success rate and lifetime longevity
  • Reduced discomfort
  • Anesthesia options tailored to you
  • Quick healing and recovery
  • No need for periodic adjustments
  • Simple care and maintenance
  • Restoration of jaw functionality
  • Restoration of chewing efficiency
  • Preservation of jawbone tissue from deterioration and loss
  • Preservation of healthy adjacent teeth
  • Preservation of facial appearance
  • Enhanced denture retention
  • Custom-made dental crowns
  • Simple care routine

Should I get dental implants?

If you have missing teeth but you’re tired of having to avoid your favorite foods or hide your smile because you’re feeling self-conscious, it’s time to take some radical steps. Start by seeing a highly qualified dental implant specialist with a track record in providing his patients with safe and dependable solutions and find out if you are eligible for the procedure.

Consult Bonsall’s competent dental implant specialist today

Lost a tooth? That’s no reason to lose hope. Find out why dental implants are in high demand across Temecula Valley and why patients from Escondido choose dental implants over all the other options. Dr. Tsvetov is a Board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon with unmatched skills in the domain of dental implants. Schedule your free consultation today and find out if dental implants represent a viable and safe long term-option for you!


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