Our Patients First

Why to Choose Temecula Facial Oral Surgery

Here at Temecula Facial Oral Surgery, we do everything possible to accommodate with same day appointment to ALL patients in pain! We do same day extractions and do not push for general anesthesia. All procedures can be done under local anesthesia. FREE (Dental Implants, Wisdom Teeth) Consultation including X-rays!

Friday morning…Weekend coming up…

Phone rings…”Hi, I was wondering if you can fit me in today. My wisdom tooth hurts a lot…I was referred to another office, but they can only see me late this afternoon. And they told me they wouldn’t pull the tooth until next Monday anyway, since they don’t do surgeries in the afternoon. And they want to put me to sleep just to take out one tooth… Is that really necessary? I am in pain! I can’t go on like this all weekend. Can you help?”
We say: “Of course”
Patient comes in, and 30 minutes later she is walking out of the office having had:
– Same day free consultation
– Same day free x-ray
– Procedure completed—removal of one wisdom tooth (without being put to sleep)
Finally, looking forward to the weekend free of pain and discomfort. What I am trying Snoopy Animationto say here is that as a patient, when you need treatment that only an Oral Surgeon can provide, YOU HAVE CHOICES. The office where you are being referred to, MAY NOT necessarily be capable or be equipped to serve YOUR BEST INTERESTS in the best possible manner, in the time frame that is convenient to you.

So do your research. There are doctors who are willing and able to help you. Who are capable of providing the service that you need in the manner that does serve YOUR BEST INTERESTS.
written by Dr. Dmitry Y. Tsvetov DDS MD