How to Know if You Need an Oral Surgeon or a Dentist

If you have a dental issue, you may be wondering if you should go to the dentist or to an oral surgeon. Oral specialists are often the best option for more complex dental issues. 

For example, if you have an impacted wisdom tooth that’s causing you great discomfort, you might need to pay a visit to an emergency oral surgeon in Winchester. 

However, if your dental problem is less complicated, your dentist may be able to handle it. Read on to learn which specialist you should ask for help in your specific case.

What is the difference between an oral surgeon and a dental surgeon?What procedures are considered oral surgery?

When people think of oral and maxillofacial surgeons, they often picture someone who is only concerned with extracting teeth. However, these specialists actually have a much broader scope of practice. 

In addition to performing tooth extractions, they also place dental implants, correct facial deformities, and treat TMJ disorders.

They may also perform biopsies, airway reconstructions, and corrective jaw surgery. As you can see, these surgeons are highly trained and skilled professionals who can provide a wide range of services.

While dental surgeons also receive extensive training, their focus is narrower. Their primary concern is with the teeth and gums, and they often work closely with dentists to ensure that patients receive the best possible care. 

Dental specialists may perform procedures such as root canals, crowns, and bridges. They may also be involved in periodontal care or dental implants. 

What procedures are considered oral surgery?

Oral surgery covers a wide range of dental procedures, from wisdom tooth removal to dental implants. In general, oral surgery is any procedure that involves cutting or manipulating tissue in the mouth.

This includes simple procedures like tooth extractions as well as more complex surgeries like jaw reconstruction. It can be performed for both cosmetic and functional reasons. For example, many people choose to have their wisdom teeth removed to prevent crowding or discomfort later on. 

Others may opt for dental implants to improve their appearance or restore their bite following an injury. Whatever the reason, oral surgery is a safe and effective way to improve dental health.

Can I go straight to an oral surgeon?

These surgeons are specially trained to provide a wide range of dental care services. From simple teeth cleanings to more complex procedures, such as tooth extractions, an oral specialist can provide the care you need.

They also have a deeper understanding of how the mouth works and how it interacts with the rest of the body. As a result, they’re typically able to offer a higher level of care than general dentists. 

Where do I find an experienced emergency oral surgeon in Winchester and the surrounding area?What is the difference between an oral surgeon and a dental surgeon?

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