What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth and What Do You Do About Them?

Is it really necessary to remove impacted wisdom teethIf you’re lucky, your wisdom teeth will be perfectly normal and you will never need to consult a Temecula wisdom teeth removal specialist. But for many people, wisdom teeth turn out to be troublemakers and their growth is followed by abnormalities and complications which can be downright dangerous to ignore. Case in point: impacted wisdom teeth. 

Impacted wisdom teeth are wisdom teeth or third molars which are unable to erupt, whether because of a physical barrier or because the angle at which they grow is odd. If you have been diagnosed with impacted wisdom teeth, what do you do about them?

What happens if you don’t remove impacted wisdom teeth?

As we mentioned above, impacted wisdom teeth are third molars which are either partially or completely stuck under the gum. As a result, they are unable to break out. 

So what happens if you are unaware of your condition and fail to take action to have them removed? The major risk concerns the potential infections. 

Infections associated with wisdom teeth may happen even if they are perfectly healthy and properly positioned, as they are still hard-to-reach. But the fact that your wisdom teeth are impacted increases your risk of developing an infection to a considerable extent.

Is it really necessary to remove impacted wisdom teeth?

The short answer: it’s safer to have your impacted wisdom teeth removed, the sooner, the better. Because impacted wisdom teeth cannot develop normally because they lack room, erupt only partially or remain completely trapped within the jawbone, they prevent you from maintaining regular and adequate oral hygiene. This increases the risk of infections, cysts, tooth decay, gum disease and damage to the surrounding teeth.

How do you know if your wisdom teeth are impacted?

It may not be possible to diagnose impacted wisdom teeth during a regular dental check-up as they may not be immediately visible. Impacted wisdom teeth are not necessarily followed by clear symptoms, either. For this reason, patients may not realize there is a reason to schedule an appointment with a wisdom teeth specialist. 

But symptoms may appear once an impacted wisdom tooth becomes infected and starts to cause pain or other dental problems such as decay and gum disease, such as damage to the surrounding teeth. The following signs and symptoms may indicate wisdom teeth problems:

  • Gum issues: redness, swelling, tenderness, bleeding
  • Jaw pain, swelling under the jaw, difficulty opening the mouth
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth and bad breath

The only way to determine with certainty if your wisdom teeth are impacted is to see an oral surgeon who will promptly schedule a panoramic X-ray scan. This ear-to-ear 2D view of the upper and lower jaw reveals the positioning and angle of the patient’s wisdom teeth. 

Are impacted wisdom teeth more painful to remove?

Normal wisdom teeth which erupt in an upright position are completely functional. If you are diligent about your oral hygiene, you may never need to have your wisdom teeth removed. In the event that you need to have them removed, the extraction procedure will not be much different from the standard tooth extraction procedure. 

But if your impacted wisdom teeth need to be extracted, the situation may become more complicated due to the inadequate positioning and the odd angle away from the vertical position at which the tooth grows.

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