7 Warning Signs You May Need Wisdom Teeth Extraction

How do you know when you need your wisdom teeth pulled out

Your wisdom teeth are usually visible in late adolescence or early adulthood. However, in the majority of cases, those late-erupting teeth affect your oral health, making the extraction a smart choice. But how can you tell if they really need to be removed? Are there any telltale signs that you need wisdom teeth extraction

With the help of an experienced wisdom teeth removal specialist in Murrieta, you’ll find out if these rare teeth are likely to cause any problems. In case you’re already experiencing some troubling symptoms but aren’t sure if this procedure is right for you, keep on reading.

How do you know when you need your wisdom teeth pulled out?

These seven signs are common indicators your wisdom teeth need to be extracted:

1. Overcrowding and incorrect growth

One of the primary concerns is overcrowding, which happens when wisdom teeth are not able to fit properly inside your jaw. As a result, they’re pushing your other teeth out of alignment, causing them to shift, overlap, and crowd together. Eventually, they force their way into tight spots in the back of the mouth and grow sideways, causing other serious oral health issues.

2. Pain or discomfort in your jaw

Pain is probably the most common sign that extraction is the best solution. Since the structural integrity of your jaw depends on all your teeth growing properly, a dull, constant ache in your jaw is usually the result of the wisdom teeth coming in incorrectly or pushing the other teeth around. 

3. Inflamed and swollen gums

When wisdom teeth are only sprouting out, it’s not uncommon for gum flaps to appear. This gum tissue can trap food particles, making them red and inflamed, and difficult to clean. You may also experience bleeding gums when you try to brush your rear teeth. This is another sign that you have a lot of bacterial buildup in your mouth, which requires a visit to the dentist or oral surgeon.

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4. Cyst growth

Although they’re mostly found on the lower jaw around wisdom teeth, they can form around other teeth, too. These tiny sacs of clear liquid are potentially destructive pathologic lesions that can damage nearby teeth, roots, and surrounding structures. In severe cases it can lead to a tumor that requires additional surgery.

5. Bad breath

Although there are many causes of bad breath (allergies, sinus colds, poor sleep hygiene, dietary habits), it typically occurs when unhealthy bacteria are growing in your mouth. Even with the best oral hygiene, a misaligned set of last molars can be difficult to clean, making them a perfect host for food particles and bacteria.

6. Sinus issues

As the upper wisdom teeth grow in and their roots develop, they sometimes push against the sinuses in the jaw. This added pressure can contribute to sinus pain, pressure, congestion, and headaches. 

It’s also possible to get a sinus infection from your wisdom teeth. For instance, an infected tooth can spread it to nearby sinus cavities, causing a fever, sinus pain, nasal discharge, and even bad breath.

7. Damage to adjacent teeth

If left untreated, impacted wisdom teeth can affect the health of adjacent teeth or cause severe gum and bone recession. Furthermore, crooked wisdom teeth may result in a misaligned bite function, which can be very painful. That’s why it’s of vital importance to get a regular dentist check-up and determine whether your teeth are causing any problems that can’t be seen.

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Who performs expert wisdom teeth removal specialist in Murrieta?

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