Non-Invasive Impacted Wisdom Tooth Surgery in Mira Mesa, CA

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Dr. Tsvetov specializes in gentle and safe wisdom tooth removal in Mira Mesa and the area, keeping you well informed and comfortable throughout the process.

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Why go for impacted wisdom tooth removal?

If you haven’t yet reached out to your wisdom teeth removal specialist in Mira Mesa, here are a few signs it’s time to give us a call:

  • Constant pain and infection of the gum tissue around the wisdom teeth
  • Cysts or abscesses forming frequently
  • Crowding and malocclusion
  • Nearby teeth are getting damaged
  • Gum disease and infections keep popping up
  • Severe tooth decay

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If you’re facing an impacted wisdom tooth extraction in Mira Mesa, there’s no reason to worry. Dr. Tsvetov is famous for his gentle touch and sedation options to ease any pain you may feel throughout the process.
Don’t let dental issues weigh you down. With us, you’re not just another patient; you’re in the care of seasoned experts who’ve faced and handled challenges of every kind. Schedule your visit and start your journey toward the comprehensive care and comfort you need.

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The day of treatment

Make sure you bring an adult along for your removal appointment. It’s also a good idea to arrange for a parent or another responsible adult to spend the rest of the day with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The day of the surgery

For a safer surgery experience, it’s a good idea to hold off on food and drinks before your procedure. This precaution helps you avoid any anesthesia-related hiccups.