Safe Impacted Wisdom Tooth Surgery in Escondido, CA

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Dr. Tsvetov helps you gain a deeper understanding of wisdom teeth extraction in Escondido and the area and the potential pros and cons of the procedure.

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Potential signs you should have your wisdom teeth extracted

The following signs and symptoms may mean you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted:

  • Halitosis and/or an unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Problems with the gums (red, tender, swollen or bleeding gums)
  • Pain and swelling of the jaw
  • The crowding of your teeth
  • Damage to other teeth caused by impacted wisdom teeth
  • Having difficulty opening the mouth and swallowing food and drinks

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Impacted wisdom teeth and similar wisdom teeth complications are not uncommon among patients in Escondido and the neighboring communities. In fact, this is one of the most in-demand forms of dental surgery.

But however severe your wisdom teeth problem seems to be, there is nothing to worry about when you put your dental health in the competent hands of an experienced wisdom teeth removal and treatment specialist who has helped many patients just like you, both in Escondido and other areas of Temecula Valley. Schedule a visit to Dr. Tsvetov today!

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The day of the procedure

Younger patients should arrive for surgery in the company of parents, guardians or other responsible adults, as well have responsible adults keep them company for the rest of the day.

Additional Wisdom Teeth Removal Frequently Asked Questions

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The day of the procedure

Refrain from consuming food or drinks on the day of the surgery. This will protect you from potential anesthesia-related risks and complications.