Prompt & Safe Emergency Dental Extractions in Fallbrook, CA

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Same-day emergency tooth extractions

For most people, any procedure which involves tooth extractions is an experience they would prefer never to have to go through, let alone if it is an emergency dental extraction for which they have no time to prepare. 

However, these procedures are sometimes inevitable and may be the only reason to protect the patient from having to endure pain and discomfort any longer. If so, they should be done without delay, otherwise there is a legitimate risk that the issue may escalate and lead to additional health risks and complications.

It is important to have an experienced oral surgeon perform your emergency dental extraction in Fallbrook, especially if it is a notoriously complex wisdom tooth extraction. This not only maximizes the odds of a safe and successful recovery and outcome, but also minimizes your discomfort during the procedure. At Temecula Facial Oral Surgery, we strive to make the experience of our new and regular patients across Temecula Valley as quick and comfortable as possible.

Why seek an emergency appointment with an oral surgeon?

Certain dental extractions can be complicated, particularly if they involve teeth with:

  • Abnormal roots: teeth with extremely long or curved roots
  • Extensive damage: weak or broken teeth which have to be removed in segments)
  • Impaction (where a portion of gum tissue or a fragment of jawbone must be eliminated to perform extraction)

In case of such complex teeth and wisdom teeth extraction scenarios, you would be wasting valuable time and money seeing a general dentist, especially if you are also considering dental implants or other methods of long-term replacement of your missing tooth. Furthermore, oral surgeons have experience in dealing with difficult cases and the expertise to prevent additional complications from arising. 

Patients in Fallbrook and other areas in the vicinity of Temecula should seek emergency consultation with an oral surgeon who may need to perform same-day tooth extraction in the following cases:

  • Severe damage when the tooth is beyond repair
  • Intense pain
  • Root canal complications
  • Recurring dental abscesses 
  • Deep periodontal pockets
  • Advanced stage gum infection

Are any risks associated with emergency dental extractions?

Dr. Tsvetov is a Temecula-based oral surgeon specializing in dental extractions and other complex procedures who is readily available to answer your questions and address your concerns. He will explain to you if you require an emergency or a planned dental extraction, such as in the case of lack of space in the jaw, as well as elaborate on the course of the procedure, recovery protocol and your safest long-term solutions at length.

At our office, we always take preventive measures to bring your level of discomfort and the risk of complications to a minimum. This includes providing you with precise instructions on aftercare to help you make safe and rapid recovery. Even if complications do arise, Dr. Tsvetov will respond to them readily, which is why he is the first choice for complex emergency tooth extractions for patients from Bonsall, Fallbrook and other areas in Temecula and the region.

What happens after my recovery?

After you make full recovery following extraction, you will be ready to get your dental implants or have another replacement procedure done. It is important to prepare a tooth replacement plan beforehand to prevent bone resorption which may happen following an extraction procedure. The waiting period duration depends on your case. At Temecula Facial Oral Surgery, our top priority is to do everything in our power to get better, more predictable results. 


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Emergency dental extractions for patients in Fallbrook and beyond

Experience a higher standard of dental and oral care and patient care. Dr. Tsvetov specializes in complex dental procedures, including extractions of wisdom teeth and cares about your wellbeing and comfort. 

Dr. Tsvetov is trained to perform these and other complex procedures and has experience in performing them on patients in Fallbrook, Temecula and the surrounding areas. He will do his best to complete your ortho extraction procedure in under 30 minutes. But that is not all. Dr. Tsvetov will also tell you all you need to know about dental implant procedures so you can have the missing tooth replaced if necessary so the natural function and appearance of your teeth and jaw would be fully restored.

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