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the placement of dental implants

What do dental implants entail & how do they work?

Dental implants are a convenient and efficient replacement for missing or decayed teeth. They consist of multiple parts and are made of titanium, offering a long-term solution for dental issues. 

A titanium rod is placed in the spot of a missing root where it fuses with the bone. Since the titanium implant merges with the bone, it becomes a highly stable base for the placement of a dental crown, the only visible part of dental implants. Side by Side Diagram of Tooth and Dental Implant

Therefore, if you need a durable, natural-looking replacement for missing or deteriorating teeth, you should contact Temecula Facial Oral Surgery. As Lake Elsinore’s trusted and experienced dental implants specialist, Dr. Tsvetov handles this type of procedure on a regular basis. Owing to his long experience and vast education, he’s able to provide you with the desired solution and lasting benefits. 

What benefits does the dental implant procedure offer?

Undergoing the placement of dental implants in the Lake Elsinore area will provide you with invaluable benefits, especially when handled by a seasoned specialist. Opting for this dental solutions will bring you: 

  • A successful and long-term solution that exceeds other options by more than 95%.
  • A time-efficient procedure that allows you to place the crown 3 months after the dental implant placement. 
  • No risk of moving, shifting, or slipping since dental implants fuse with the bone and offer a high level of stability. 
  • The required stimulation of the jawbone and the surrounding tissue, which is necessary for preventing possible bone loss due to the lack of stimulation while chewing. 
  • Multiple anesthesia options, including general, intravenous, and local, that make this routine procedure painless and anxiety-free.
  • Enhanced quality of life of the patient because dental implants restore their smile, confidence, and chewing efficiency.
  • Great advantages over dental bridges that require a dental specialist to remove healthy tooth structure from three additional teeth rather than just one. Consequently, this can greatly deteriorate your dental health and weaken the adjacent teeth. Additionally, since dental bridges are more difficult to clean and floss, there’s a great risk of decay and deterioration. 
  • More benefits than mini dental implants, including a greater level of stability and durability. Mini implants are screwed into the jaw, which may result in less stability. In addition, mini dental implants can break below the jawbone, which can lead to severe damage and complications. 

With the expertise and knowledge of Doctor Dmitry Tsvetov, your dental implant placement procedure will bring you these important benefits and improve your dental health in the long run. As a reputable dentist implant specialist in Lake Elsinore and Riverside County, Dr. Tsvetov will provide you with care and expertise and achieve the desired outcome, helping you restore your chewing efficiency and aesthetic appeal. 

Can dental implants support conventional dentures?

After using conventional dentures for a prolonged period of time, it’s not uncommon for the bone to resorb and melt away. This can cause your denture to become wobbly and less stable, which can make chewing uncomfortable and difficult. Additionally, the denture won’t be able to attach properly to the less stable base. 

However, dental implants can be strategically placed to anchor down the denture and restore your chewing efficiency by 30%. Dr. Tsvetov can handle this type of procedure in the Lake Elsinore area owing to his long-standing practice.

By using advanced technology such as CT scans, L-PRF, and Itero digital impressions, he will be able to examine your teeth carefully and offer the most effective solution, restoring the functionality, appeal, and retentiveness of your denture. 

Why would someone need dental implants?

You may be interested in learning why you should get dental implants before scheduling an appointment with Lake Elsinore’s specialist. The reasons why you should consider getting dental implants as a replacement for a missing or decayed tooth include: 

  • Providing the jawbone with the necessary stimulation. Without dental implants or natural teeth, your jawbone is likely to degrade without stimulation during eating. 
  • Preserving your facial appearance. The degradation of the jawbone can also change your facial appearance. 
  • Enhancing the dental implant process. If you wait too long, your bone will deteriorate, which will make the placement of implants much more difficult. You would need bone grafting to restore the bone structure, which will require a longer recovery period. 

Here at Temecula Facial Oral Surgery, you can avoid these unnecessary complications by getting dental implants in the Lake Elsinore region without any delay. Dr. Tsvetov will estimate the health of the jawbone and take steps to preserve it using strategically placed dental implants to fill the void. This will provide your jawbone with the required stimulation and prevent possible degradation. 

Contact Lake Elsinore’s certified dental implants specialist

It’s important to note that dental implants won’t provide enough stimulation to the jawbone if it’s severely deteriorated. Instead, Dr. Tsvetov will examine your teeth and determine whether you may require bone grafting before having dental implants placed for optimal dental results. 

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  • Determine whether you need one or multiple dental implants 
  • Discuss any possible questions or concerns you may have


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