Cancellation Policies

Cancellation of Consultation

If consultation appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours in advance or your first consultation appointment was missed, a FREE consultation will no longer be offered. In that case, patient / insurance will be responsible to pay for consult and x-rays fees in full.

Cancellation of Surgery Appointments

If a patient misses or reschedules surgery appointment in less than 48 hours, patient will need to pre-pay full co-pay amount prior to re-scheduling the procedure. If patient has no co-pay, $200 booking fee will be collected prior re-scheduling and re-funded at the time of the surgical appointment.

Note: if the appointment is missed without a 48 hour advance notice, this fee is NON-refundable. Surgical appointments scheduled for Thursday/Friday that are late cancelled with less than 48 hours WILL NOT be rescheduled for another Thursday/Friday.