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Three Common Problems Caused by Wisdom Teeth

In today’s blog we are going to discuss three common problems that impacted wisdom teeth cause. Impacted wisdom teeth are teeth that develop inside the jaw bone, but fail to erupt/come out into the mouth. As a result, they can cause a variety of problems with adjacent teeth. Need your wisdom teeth removed? Schedule your […]

Another unusual pathology case

43 year-old female presented for evaluation of opaque lesion associated with mesial root of #19; Patient is asymptomatic, the lesion was found on routine radiographic examination; Tooth #19 is vital; no tenderness to palpation or percussion; There is on associated vestibular swelling; The radiographic appearance of this lesion is diagnostic: Opaque lesion that is replacing […]

A Late Night Phone Call

True story…A few weeks ago I received a frantic phone call from a daughter of an elderly gentleman. The woman was crying, saying that her father needs help, but no one is able to help them. Her father had an extraction done at a dental office by an “oral surgeon who comes there once a […]