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Who is extracting your tooth (part 2)?

I would like to share with you a heartbreaking story of a patient who came into my office.  This 45 year-old male patient had two lower left teeth removed at another dental office two months ago.  The patient never quite “felt right” after the extraction, having pain, swelling and not being able to open his […]

Another unusual pathology case

43 year-old female presented for evaluation of opaque lesion associated with mesial root of #19; Patient is asymptomatic, the lesion was found on routine radiographic examination; Tooth #19 is vital; no tenderness to palpation or percussion; There is on associated vestibular swelling; The radiographic appearance of this lesion is diagnostic: Opaque lesion that is replacing […]

Another interesting pathology case

Another interesting pathology case…A 60 year-old female came into the clinic complaining of pain and swelling in the lower left quadrant. Examination revealed an expansile lesion in the lower left vestibule with expansion of the buccal cortex of the mandible. An incisional biopsy was performed, and the diagnosis came back as Odontogenic Keratocyst (OKC). Treatment […]

Interesting Oral Pathology Case

A 65 year old man came into my clinic with chief complaint of swelling to the right side of the face. The swelling has been present for the past 2 weeks. Examination reveals swelling and fluctuance in the left buccal maxillary vestibule. Panoramic image reveals a retained, unerupted maxillary left canine #11, located in the […]