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What to do if you do not have enough bone for implant placement? Read on to see how we reconstruct your jawbone.

March 23, 2017
Radiograph of Tooth with a Large Periapical Lesion - Duplicate

Patient presented to my office with an abscess involving tooth #8.  As can be seen from the radiograph, a very large periapical lesion is associated with the tooth.  The lesion has destroyed a lot of bone, making immediate implant placement impossible in this situation. ...

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Who is extracting your tooth (part 2)?

March 13, 2017
X-ray Showing Removal of Wisdom Teeth

I would like to share with you a heartbreaking story of a patient who came into my office.  This 45 year-old male patient had two lower left teeth removed at another dental office two months ago.  The patient never quite “felt right” after the extraction, having pain, swelling and not being able to open his mouth fully. ...

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