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New Teeth in A Day

Are you suffering with teeth that are failing? Are you tired of the daily challenges and repeat expenses associated with removable partials or dentures? Have you lost too much bone volume in your jaw? Do you dream of being able to eat a normal diet and smile in family photos? If you said yes to […]

Wisdom Teeth—“Pros” of Removal and “Cons” of watchful waiting

The debate about wisdom teeth has always centered around one major question: Do wisdom teeth need to be removed or not? It has long been established that wisdom teeth that have associated pathology (tooth decay, gum disease, infection, pathologic cysts or tumors enveloping the root) need to be removed. However the question has always remained […]

Dental implants and a Test of Time

These days dental implants have become a mainstay in dentistry. They are now a popular and well-accepted treatment to replace single or multiple missing teeth. With so many dental practitioners placing dental implants these days it is hard for consumers/patients to choose which doctor to go to for the treatment. Unfortunately, what ends up being […]

Mini Implants—Are You Sure?

Let’s discuss mini dental implants—the option that is getting more and more popular due to (perceived) lower cost of treatment. Simply stated, mini implants are narrower than traditional implants (2-3 mm in width vs 3 mm or more for traditional implants). As advertised, they can be placed into narrow bone, avoiding the need for bone […]